ZUBAZPALOOZA: Join us May 5th!

Good afternoon, Sprots fam! The collective sentiment around the women of Sprots Takes lately is more or less “HOW THE HELL IS IT *insert month here* ALREADY?!” With busy schedules, exciting events and an ever growing presence of Sprots Takes around Kansas City… the year shows no signs of slowing down. Our favorite time of the year has rolled around and we are excited to get started on bringing you some great events.

If you haven’t seen our Zubazpalooza event on Facebook yet, be sure to check it out here and RSVP!

Unlike last year, we don’t have tickets to sell directly to you. This year you can grab your Zubazpalooza tickets through the Royals website here.

We will have the one and only DJ Hugo Nutz rocking the tailgate, sandwiches and sides, a special cocktail with Kansas City’s own Clear10 Vodka and lots of fun to be had!

In lieu of paying for the tailgate, we are going to have a donations table where you can learn more about First Bra Foundation and help us raise money for a great cause.


Questions? Feel free to email us and we will get them answered!