Why Being a KU Fan Sucks (sometimes)


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Let me start with a disclaimer. I love the University of Kansas and I am very proud of my school. There’s always a small portion of each fan base that ruins it for the rest. That’s what this list is for. Here’s why being a Kansas fan sucks, only sometimes.


  1.  The “woo” during the Rock Chalk chant: Please for the love of God, STOP THE WOO. (It makes the chant much less eerie, people.)
  2. Kansas State fans: They’re like the little brother who won’t stop annoying us. Kansas fans don’t care about K-State fans. Kansas fans cared about Missouri (not anymore, though, because they left for the SEC).
  3. Roy Williams: Who needs him? Bill Self for President.
  4. Football: Yes, Kansas fans know the football team sucks. No, we don’t need people to remind us that our team is terrible. Yes, we live for basketball season.
  5. Frustration: Sure, Kansas basketball secured the Big 12 title for the past 11 years, but the team has yet to seal a NCAA championship since 2008. C’mon guys.
  6. Josh Selby: Worst one-and-done in the history of one-and-dones.
  7. Elitism: It’s a part of the fandom that comes with the (basketball) program. But, Kansas fans have to admit that we hate losing, and we can all be jerks sometimes.
  8. “What does ‘Rock Chalk’ mean?”: Google it. Thanks.
  9. The school song: Everyone gets the clap during the song wrong. That’s what traditions night in August is for — go and learn it.
  10. Aqib Talib: Who wants to be associated with an eye-poker?
  11. Camping: It’s more of a love/hate relationship. It’s an honor, but if your camping group sucks, basketball season sucks. Trust me, I know.
  12. Uncertainty: Sometimes the best players on the court in the college setting seem to flop in the NBA. (Where’s Xavier Henry? Cole Aldrich? No one cares about Nick Collison…) Side note: At least, Wiggins is starting to make a name for himself.
  13. The Jayhawk: It’s a mythical creature and impossible to explain. (But, I love it.)
  14. Wichita State: Now, these guys are trying to claim the state of Kansas as theirs in basketball. Hmmm…NOPE.
  15. Lawrence: You never wanna leave because it’s such a wonderful place. Everywhere else pales in comparison.

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