Weekend Recap!

Ladies and gentlemen… WE ARE SIX PHOTO SHOOTS DEEP! With each shoot we are learning how to be all up in people’s personal space, have no shame and also the proper amount of alcohol to consume for maximum fun. This weekend’s shoots involved a WHOLE LOTTA Kansas City. Starting at the Liberty Memorial at sunset and ending at the famous “Scout” statue in Penn Valley Park on Sunday. Thanks to our awesome sponsors and models, we got the job done with ease. Check out the behind the scenes for each of the shoots!

Friday, July 24th:


Nicole in the “King George” and Lindsay in the “Hosmercorn” shirts designed by Jeremy Scheuch and sold on GATmerch.com


















We shot the month of May with Nicole & Lindsay on location at the Liberty Memorial. Thanks to GATmerch.com,we had some amazing shirts for the ladies to sport during this shoot with their already bad ass Zubaz leggings. Between the wine flowing like water, the hilarious stories and the perfection of hair and makeup… this was easily one of our favorite shoots to date. Since GAT has known Nicole forever, there was no doubt that this shoot was going to be hilarious and entertaining. Once we met Lindsay, we knew this was going to be pretty magical. The banter between the two of them was perfect and it turns out that Lindsay is a writer that loves sports. ARE YOU THINKING WHAT WE ARE THINKING?!? OHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHH! LINDSAY MUST JOIN OUR CREW OF SPROTS TAKES HOTTIES! Back to the point, check out these two fierce ladies…


With their “Zoolander” good looks and playful spirit, this shoot was a damn blast. Shlee and GAT had no trouble getting amazing poses, great video for behind the scenes and having fun while doing it all.




If you missed the Snapchat story for this shoot’s “Behind the Scenes” clips… here ya go!




Sunday, July 26th:
















Armed with hair, makeup and an explosion of Zubaz in GAT’s kitchen… the month of “December” was well underway. Jorden and Jessica, both GAT’s amazing friends from K-State days, seriously rocked the hell out of some Zubaz. Our first shot was in the one and only Limoliner with A Girls Night Out Limo!


If you haven’t experienced this bad ass party bus, you are missing out! Not only did we have a VIP experience with the bus being our first location for the December shoot, we got to take it down to Penn Valley Park for our cover shot!

Jorden, Jess and GAT were all extremely pumped up for this shot and we had a blast on Periscope, Snapchat and random Twitter selfies getting into this shoot! Here are some more behind the scenes clips for ya! L to R: Jorden rocking our “I <3 The Dee” shirt, Jess in our Sprots Takes crop tops, and GAT showing off the new hair color!














L to R: Jorden getting makeup done, GAT & Jwich, the crew!

IMG_7777 IMG_7805 IMG_7806















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