Weekend Recap!

Howdy, y’all! We are checking in after wrapping up our SECOND weekend of photo shoots with all of our favorites. We finished shooting our “Blue October” month as well as June. With the help of a great creative team, excellent models and bad ass locations… we got some great stuff for our upcoming 2016 Zubaz calendar. Here is a behind the scenes look at the weekend’s activities!

Friday July 17th:

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR GIRL SHLEE! Not only did she look flawless while modeling, she also was celebrating her twenty-great birthday! So we went over to our baseball fields and got some great shots for the calendar… stay tuned for those but here are a few shots from behind the scenes of this fun and energy filled shoot!


With a carefully placed #BeRoyalKC tattoo, Shlee rocked the hell out of some Zubaz leggings! We will have a lot of great pictures to choose from with all the fun pictures we snapped on Friday!
Sunday July 19th:

The second shoot of the weekend happened on Sunday afternoon, a perfectly timed session as the sun dipped down in the sky and illuminated our amazing model, Sydney Danner. With hair and makeup finished we ventured out to Holsman Stables, located in Grandview, MO. We were greeted by Gale Holsman and his entire crew of equine professionals! Not only that but we were able to catch some laughs with Gail Worth, of Gail’s Harley-Davidson.


Sydney has been riding horses her entire life and is one of GAT’s best friends from her years at Kansas State. When we started the planning stages of this calendar, Sydney was the perfect model for the job with her background in horses. Holsman Stables is located in the heart of Kansas City and offers plenty of boarding, training and leasing options for all experience levels! Most recently they hosted the Gala of the Royal Horses at their facility and provided a home away from home while the touring horses graced Kansas City with their presence!







With the day winding down and PLENTY of stunning photos to choose from, GAT and Sydney posed with the lovely champion mare, Pippa and headed back to the barn to let both of the models cool down! The Zubaz leggings were represented well throughout the weekend and we look forward to you all seeing the final results of this calendar!







Huge thank you to the people involved with each and every photo shoot this weekend, without a team of professionals like all of you we would not be able to make this happen!