Weekend Recap!

Behind the scenes of our latest and greatest project…

On Friday night the Sprots Takes crew got together to embark on our latest project, the Zubaz 2016 calendar that will be benefiting the Rose Brooks Center in Kansas City, MO. Armed with champagne, hair spray and some exciting accessories…the journey began!

Our first location shot was at my sister’s house that comes complete with a basketball court in the backyard. Not only was it pouring down rain, lightening and lots of humidity lingering but it was PITCH BLACK! Pretty crazy way to start our photo shoot schedule but we had a damn blast.

SprotsTakes 105


Yes, this is the always on point Rachael and myself, the makeup-less stepsister, posing like “Step Brothers.” Despite the fact that I was severely under dressed and had come straight from the gym, I love this photo since it captured the vibe on set. Rachael’s dad and my mom got married in 2011 and we have been sisters ever since. Not often do you find someone as gorgeous, outgoing, entertaining, filter-less and fearless like Rachael, let alone find that in a new stepsister! It was nothing like Cinderella led me to believe it would be.

With Rachael’s background being from CLEVELANDDDDDD and loving all things Lebron James, we went with a bad ass basketball shoot on her even more bad ass basketball court. This was for the month of August and we had TOO much fun with it. The music was blaring, the drinks were flowing and the laughs were nonstop. Couldn’t have asked for a better time!


Hair, makeup, creative genius behind it all: Ashley Jones Collichio, aka SHLEE, my weather girl!




Moving onto Sunday’s shoot…

A “House Divided” sticker on the back of someone’s car or one of those awful license plates always makes me question the integrity and true loyalty to being a college sports fan. Pick a school, love a school and if you HAVE to marry someone, marry someone that loves your school too. Made a lot of sense to me! Then again, opposites attract and all that…right? Okay so we have our amazing Courtney that loves her Kansas State Wildcats more than anything. One day Courtney meets Tanner and he loves his Kansas Jayhawks more than anything. They of course had to fall for each other and complicate things around football and basketball season. Sigh… What will we do with her?! Anyways, we did a “House Divided” theme shoot for Court’s unique love and tolerance of other teams throughout the year.

Wait, how did you spell her name?












So we teamed up with Target Portrait Studio, and more importantly the wonderful Kristal Beall, to accomplish this studio shot without us ACTUALLY having a studio. Not only was the process super easy and convenient, we also had a BLAST laughing and goofing around during the shoot. Kristal’s expert posing advice and Court’s natural laid-back attitude assured me that we would have NO problem getting a great shot for the month of February. Our creative director, SHLEE was on hand to work her magic with the hair, makeup and styling. Needless to say, the afternoon was a breeze!

Check out Target’s Portrait Studio here!






Here are some more behind the scenes from Sunday:


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