Weekend Recap

The Royals had a dismal weekend in St. Louis, much to our dismay. The boys in blue lost two games and had one postponed, with no date announced at the time of this sprots blog post being typed up.

The Royals ended up looking more like roadkill than earlier in the week when they swept the Twins. How did this happen? Why did this happen? Probably voodoo magic or sheer exhaustion. More than likely the team needs a great homecoming this week and you guys all showing your #ForeverRoyal support! Royals will be AT the Brewers today and tomorrow and return home to finish the series on Wednesday. On Friday, we host the Red Sox and quickly go back on the road to face the Mariners.



Do we got this? Yeah we got this. Just enjoy the dancing Jimmy GIF, take a deep breath and relax! Baseball games should not make you unbearably angry. Baseball games should soothe you to sleep on a hot summer day listening to the game while you nap lazily on the couch. Baseball games should unite friends and family in beer drinking and nacho eating. Baseball games should not ruin your day. It is June and the Royals are playing “just the tip” with first place every few weeks (like any good summer romance) and it will be worth it this fall. Right? Yes. Something like that.


While everyone else may be hitting some sort of a summertime baseball wall, at SprotsTakes, we are just getting started. The few events we do have coming up are going to be fun for everyone and definitely for a good cause.

ICYMI: GoFundMe for Ruder Family Relief

The GoFundMe provided above gives you a background on the Ruder family and explains why they need our help. On June 20th, there will be a bake sale & car wash at 151st & Black Bob in Olathe, KS. The sale & car wash will be located at the Walgreen’s directly on the corner. With your help, we can help raise money for a local family in need and get some delicious treats at the same time. There will be a car wash as well, so bring  your moderately dirty car and the crew will get you spotless and ready to go! If you are unable to attend this fundraiser, we will be hosting a bowling day at Mission Bowl where proceeds and sales go to the fundraiser as well. Time & date are not 100% confirmed yet, so hold tight while we get you more information on that!

There was an NBA game that the Warriors won, by the way. So Golden State now leads the NBA Finals series 3-2.

If you missed GAT’s appearance on Titillating Sports with Rick Tittle,we are working on getting that link for you guys to listen! If you have no idea what we are talking about, GAT did an interview with Sports Byline! During the interview GAT talked about Rabble.TV as well as her experiences with being a Kansas City sports fan and what makes SprotsTakes so damn awesome. As soon as we get a hold of that audio we will be sure to post it!

Also this weekend, Jamaal Charles and his tight knight group from the Chiefs went down to the Houston area to do a football camp for Jamaal and a “roast.” If you don’t follow these guys on SnapChat, you are missing out. Travis Kelce was the highlight reel of the weekend as always with his goofy snaps and hilarious “story” documenting their time in Houston.

You are also missing out on weekend renovation updates with GAT for our new SPROTSTAKES studio located where every podcaster & blogger should have one… THEIR MOM’S BASEMENT. Just kidding, it is in GAT’s basement but still, same concept.


What did you guys do this weekend that was fun? Hit us up on Twitter or comment below with your weekend stories!




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