Week 10 Results

HangoverMan oh man…Women, eh? Sometimes they’re amazing. Take our new hottie Kristin, who dominated the picks this week picking 11 of 13 NFL winners and 12/17 College games in a week with some incredible upsets.

And then… there’s GAT.  Ooof. What a week. 10/17 in College including picking K-State and Idaho? And then only going 8/13 in The National. Football. League.

At least she’s got her looks to fall back on.

Fairly strong effort in College for Wiemers. (Which reminds me, I need to take my dog to the vet. I think her wiemers meds are out of date.) But man.. only 6/13 for The League.  Do better, new kid.

Here’s all the results. Picks for week 11 will hopefully be better.  New podcast posting tomorrow, too. This one will be epic.

  • GAT – 10/17 College – 8/13 NFL
  • Wiemers – 14/17 College – 6/13 NFL
  • KLew – 12/17 College – 11/13 NFL


  • I call dibs as Alan… Wiemers is Stuart and clearly Kristin is Phil.

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