ICYMI: Warren Sapp’s Thirst is Real

True story, I told my friends that @QBKILLA (at the time) was a total freakin’ weirdo and they all added him on Blackberry Messenger and had the same stuff happen to them. I guess he was looking for a girl under 150 lbs, under 5’5 too. I forgot that he was such a dainty man that he needed an equally dainty female. I sent him that photo of me in the shark hat and he goes “LOL no way under 150.” Uhhhh, thank you, I am aware. But really, he responded after that with daily holy stories like he was Rev Run.

So I’m not his type and never was trying to be, but in Summer of 2010 Twitter was young(ish) and we all thought it would be funny. I was deleted off of his “Warren Sapp Acts Religious” list of how to live my life in 2011 and mourned for just a little bit.

It is no surprise to me that Warren Sapp was soliciting a hooker or courting an escort or whatever the hell because he seems to only have one thing on his mind.


Also, LOL:



The thirst is real.