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Thunder buddies unite-our boys had a great week going 3-1. Last Friday, the Thunder went head to head with the Lakers. There was zero anticipated significance to this matchup except that it would be the last time OKC would play Kobe in LA, if that matters to any of you. It did matter to Louis Williams who decided to celebrate the occasion by sinking almost every shot he attempted. Williams did everything in his power to carry his team to a win with his 44 points, but Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant’s combined 60 points weren’t having any of that. The Thunder D was MIA in LA, but they did squeak out a 117-113 victory.

On a sunset Sunday that wasn’t a sunset Sunday (boooo….hisssss), the Thunder continued their road trip in Portland. The Trail Blazers handed OKC their only loss this week with a final score of 115-110. The Thunder’s defense was a little all over the place and Russ seemed to be a one man show, nearly getting his fourth triple-double of the season. The game came down to the final few minutes with OKC ahead 103-95 after Andre Roberson sunk a 3 pointer that just barely beat the shot clock. However, Portland’s Damian Lillard had other plans as he countered with back to back three’s of his own.

Tuesday’s game versus the Timberwolves should have been a gimme for the Thunder as the Timberwolves have been struggling to get their youthful team in sync. Yet, I found myself downing vodka in the fourth quarter (again) as OKC was slowly letting their lead slip away (again). Thankfully, papa Durant came in to save the Thunder’s second unit and scored a quick 12 points in the final three minutes of the game after only putting up 18 points for the whole game prior.  OKC hopped immediately on a plane after their 101-96 win over Minnesota.

Wednesday brought the Thunder’s first back to back game in quite a while and it was a doozy. For starters, Russell Westbrook finished the night with zero points. ZERO. Why? A little twit named JJ Barrea. Early in the game, Barrea and Westbrook had a mini altercation that was seemingly instigated by Barrea who took a swipe at Russ. This then fueled a hockey-esque fight involving the whole team bumping chests and growling at each other in a little mob scene at the top of the court. Barea, Westbrook, and Ibaka were assessed technical fouls while Charlie Villanueva received two technicals and ejection for grabbing Russ’, and possibly Ibaka’s, throats. The troll, Barea, would remain in the game.

Fast forward just a few minutes more to Barea and Westbrook at it again. Guess who started this one? Our archenemy, JJ. Westbrook cussed at Barea and earned a second technical resulting in his ejection and a big ol’ goose egg on the box score. Fortunately, the Mavs sat essentially their entire starting lineup so the Thunder had an easy 108-89 win at home.

The Thunder continue to happily sit in 3rd in the Western conference. Tonight the Thunder matchup against the Timberwolves, again, hoping for a less tense win at 7pm.


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