The Seasonal Disorder: A Kansas City Chiefs Tale

The Kansas City Chiefs have had a season of ups and downs.  I feel as though I have been somewhat bipolar while watching this team play over the past couple months.  One minute I am ecstatic like when the Chiefs throttled Tom Brady and the Patriots on Monday night football.  The next I am about to throw a TV through a window in fit of rage as the Chiefs lose to the Raiders.   My happiness is back as they beat last years Superbowl champs, the Seahawks, in a beautifully executed football game.  Back to being a raging jerk as they lose to Arizona, playing some of the worst football I have seen in awhile.  How can they make me so happy yet so mad?! I know the entire fan base can relate.

There cannot be just one issue pinpointed that has caused this team to perform so dismally these past few weeks.  There are numerous problems that must be addressed and changes that need to be made.

Last Sunday against the Cardinals the offense looked pretty atrocious.  The entire thing was like a broken machine that had zero working parts. Sad fact, the Chiefs have converted on only 9 out of 37 third-down attempts in the past three games.

Smith had some high points last Sunday but he also played it safe, too many times where there were better options available.  He takes minimal risks at times when you just want him to please just throw the ball down the field! However, this issue can’t be pinpointed on Smith because of his lack of protection and wide receiver weapons. Branden Albert would be a vision in red right now. The dreadful play by the offensive line had Smith unleashing the ball as quickly as possible and missing better pass plays.  I often ponder about that number one draft pick we had recently.  Then let us not forget last draft where they neglected to take not one wide receiver (um Kelvin Benjamin?).  I understand the Dee Ford pick and we didn’t have a second round pick but the need for a wide receiver was substantial.

As for the wide receivers they have yet to produce any points this season. Jason Avant was a nice addition but in order to compete they need an arsenal. They need three or four good wide receivers.  But then I get to thinking even with an arsenal and an improved offensive line would Alex Smith be able to get the job done? Sometimes I am just not confident he can make the big plays and take this team to the next level.  There have been rumors circulating that RG3 could make a nice addition to the Chiefs.  Many may disagree but I kind of like this idea or an idea similar to it. Griffin was in an unstable organization and I think surrounded by the right people he could excel once again.  Imagine Baylor days RG3 with a great offensive line and a plethora of wide receivers. It could be a possibility people. The problem is with so many weak links the Chiefs can’t afford to trade much for Griffin, or any other quarterback, and it would definitely be a big risk.  Although I feel this organization doesn’t take many risks and that could be a negative thing.  I do think with better weapons Smith would be able to do what we want to see from him.

I foresee Kansas City picking up an offensive tackle in the first round, as their number one concern may be protecting Smith better.  They are also in dire need of wide receivers and cornerbacks. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Chiefs could trade up and get Amari Cooper in the draft? …wishful thinking. If available through free agency Jeremy Maclin or Michael Crabtree could both be nice additions thrown into the mix. Getting a veteran is a must because the Chiefs will be not be able to pick a top receiver in the draft. They need someone that doesn’t need development and can start making plays right away. There have been speculations that there is brewing frustration because some of the current offensive players can’t handle all of the plays or make adjustments. Possibly from players inherited from the Pioli era that carry lazy attitudes and have poor work ethics. Even some of the new additions have shown errors that support the theory they can’t run all the plays or make proper judgment calls. Bottom line, go get some good wide receivers that have some sense and want to play.

The defense has some issues that need to be addressed.  They are struggling against the run these past few games. The Broncos used this weakness to their full advantage. The run defense will continue to suffer with the absence of Eric Berry.  The secondary needs improvement and I think letting go of Flowers was a mistake and they never really replaced him.

Finally there are some issues with the coaching that fans have vented frustrations about.  For instance the last drive versus Arizona, the Chiefs had about two minutes left on the clock. It was probably one of the worst two minute offenses I think I have ever seen. No timeouts and they were calling slants, screen passes, and square-ins.  Was this simply bad play calling or was it showing the lack of confidence Reid has in his offense?

It almost as though not one area can be pinpointed or fixed because all the parts are damaged or broken.  And then we must remember Charles is turning 28 this month and the amount of hits he takes, he may not be in his prime that much longer. The thought of not having Charles can be very scary.  I really question the upper office and some of the decisions that have been made the past few years.  The Chiefs do potentially still have a chance to make it to the playoffs this year. That would be great but they most likely won’t make it past the first round. In order to be a championship caliber team they have quite a bit of work to do that will probably take years.  Let’s get there, #ChiefsKingdom needs it!