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Here’s another thing I forgot to mention that I love about Christmas: Christmas parties. Excuses to get dressed up and drink with my friends, coworkers and family? Plus, presents? What’s not to love??? [Editor’s note: Follow sprotstakes on Snapchat and Twitter to live vicariously through us at Sprotsmas 2016 next weekend!]

I’m heading to Wichita, KS this weekend to do just that. My high school friends, plus some significant others and other scragglers, etc. are getting together for The Second Annual Friendsmas, which includes Secret Santa, wine, drinking games, potluck dinner, and wine.  Which brings me to –

The problem: Your best friend(s) went to a rival college and it would hurt your heart and your pride to spend money on that merch for their Christmas gift(s).

The solution: DIY yarn wreath! – featuring: a hidden drinking game and handmade Snapchat art!

My best friend, Rae, is a diehard KU fan.  The obnoxious kind (what other kind are there, amirite?). So is her entire family – my second family – with the exception of her dad. When we manage to get together for a  K-State/KU game day, her dad and I sit in one corner and drink Keystones like the pleasant, agreeable (kinda) fans we are, while everyone else talks shit and loses their minds. It’s extra-gratifying when K-State wins.

This is compounded by the fact that most of my high school friends are KU fans as well. It’s always me and maybe one or two other Wildcats proudly wearing purple and rolling our eyes a lot.

So while I can’t, in good conscience, buy her a KU sweatshirt or decorative license plate for Christmas, it won’t kill me to buy some crimson and blue yarn and make her a decorative wreath!

She now lives with another of my good friends in Wichita, I will gift them this as a thank you for letting me have the guest bedroom that I know everyone else will want to crash in.

Foam wreath ($4.99 at craft stores)
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
Yarn in team colors of your choosing
Felt pieces in team colors of your choosing
Foam sticky letters
Other décor – ribbon bows (tutorial here), felt roses (tutorial here) – in this case I bought foam balls (footballs, baseballs and basketballs, for all of you I know were going to make a joke about balls), but you could also print or make an image of the team’s mascot. Be creative. This is your time to shine.
Somewhat nimble fingers

Flexible measuring tape
Thick ribbon for hanging

The method

  1. If you want to make your wreath more than one color (I did mine half red and half blue), then you’ll need to use the flexible measuring tape to measure and mark your intervals. You could do it with thick stripes, mostly one color with skinny stripes, or however your little heart desires. Since I just did mine in half, I started where the seam of the wreath was and eyeballed it straight across to make a mark. Then I started with red yarn on that seam.
    Drink every time I’m binge-watching Nashville in these pictures (hint: it’s always) or I mention binge-watching Nashville.
  2. Pull an amount of yarn off the wad and cut it. The length of this depends on how good you are at not getting yarn all tangled up. I’m not good at all so I just pull it out a couple arm lengths and cut it. Place one end of the yarn on the seam where you are starting and hot glue it in place. I cover it with my finger until the hot glue is dry. Warning: you will touch a lot of hot glue in this project.
  3. Wrap the yarn around the wreath, gluing every 5-10 wraps. There are some tricks this:
    –The side that is facing you will be the back of the wreath, so always glue on that side. It will look a little messier and glue-y on that side, but it won’t matter much since that side will be facing the wall when it is hung.  IMG_5765.JPG
  4. –Use your thumb to hold the yarn tight while you glue it.
    –Use your fingers on the front side of the wreath to squish the yarn together so that no green foam shows through.
    –Feel free to wrap around the same spot a 2-3 times if you think it isn’t getting enough coverage. It won’t be too noticeable once the wreath is finished.
    –Be patient. This is the least fun part, but, as these photos will show, binge-watching Nashville helps (drink).
  1. Once you have your entire wreath covered, give yourself a break and pat yourself on the back.
  2. Next, decide what you want your wreath banner to say. Mine will have two banners, one that says “Hawks” and one that has the basketball decals (because lets face it, no one is excited about any other KU sport). *Author’s note: after completing this project, I wished I had made it to say “RCJH” with a little Jayhawk sticker at the end. Le sigh.*
  3. I advise that you make a template for your banner triangles so that they all come out the same size. Stick one of the foam letters you aren’t using down on a piece of cardstock and draw a triangle around it. Remember you’ll have to attach one end of the triangle to the string to hang the banner, so make it a little taller than you think it needs to be. Cut out the cardstock triangle.
    IMG_5773-0.jpg IMG_5784.PNG
  4. Trace around the cardstock triangle with a marker onto the felt and cut out the felt triangles.
    IMG_5774.JPG IMG_5775.JPG
  5. Stick your letters/decals onto the felt triangles. Lay them sticker-side down onto a flat surface. Then cut out a long piece of yarn. One by one, make a straight-ish line of hot glue toward the top of the triangle and press the yarn into it. Then fold the top of the triangle over so that it is securely attached to the yarn. (You may have to snip some of the ends of the fold that are showing.)
    IMG_5777-0.jpg IMG_5780.PNG
    — Make sure you space the triangles of the banner evenly.
  1. Center your banner on the wreath so it hangs how you like it, and wrap the yarn around the sides of the wreath a few times before tying securely or hot-gluing in place.
  2. Pat yourself on the back for all that patience you have and wow your friends with this great DIY gift!
    If you’re a K-State fan and you’ve made it this far, here’s your reward for wading through all the crimson in blue in this post:


I think I’m going to make a Royals one for someone (who might read this – hi Grandma!) for Christmas as well.

If you love Nashville (drink) and crafting as much as I do and attempt to embark on this DIY, please tag me in your photos!

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