The Chiefs on Draft Day

Although the Chiefs lost six starters, I think the biggest loss was Geoff Schwartz, who primarily played guard. While Dexter McCluster contributed on special teams and on third downs, I feel he was an accident waiting to happen due to his size. He was definitely not worth the cap hit. Even though our defense was rather outstanding last year, we need more help on defense than we do on offense.


Most analysts have us taking a wide receiver in the first round but I think stopping the quick passes across the middle and quick outs is more important. Although skeptical, I think that AJ Jenkins that the Chiefs got last year in a trade with San Francisco could be a legitimate #2 WR with Reid’s system. I also believe our O-line is going to be a lot better than people think. I, for one, will not miss Albert at all.  Once our offense got comfortable in Reid’s system, they were fine and have enough returning players to be just as good or better this year although Eric Fisher is definitely a question mark. Most would say that he just had a rough transition from Central Michigan to the big league. Talk about one of the most boring drafts of all time to have a number one pick… that’s the Chiefs’ luck for ya.


I also believe strongly in taking the better athlete with more potential and proven abilities, on whatever level, over the star rankings. As a K-State fan, I believe that coaching and being a part of the “Family” that Bill Snyder engrains at Day 1 of being a Wildcat makes a huge difference in performance. I’ve seen years and years of junior college players come play for Coach Snyder and perform like they were D-1 stars all along.  Not everyone has the ability to harvest talent quite like Snyder; we all know Weis tried it and is not even close to honing that skill. Our team’s fan base is passionate and might not agree all the time with the state of the team but they are truly outstanding to their players. The system that Reid has will make it easier for rookies to learn and grow with the help and guidance of veterans. This year, as most years, there are a multitude of diversely talented athletes from all types of schools and I’ve picked a few that might not be front runners but are solid picks and address our overall needs.


Round #1 with the 23rd pick


CJ Mosley-Inside Linebacker-Alabama

Okay, so while a pick from Alabama isn’t considered a “small school” with undiscovered talent, I have a strong feeling that we should focus on our defense with the draft picks. While the Chiefs are strong at Inside LB, Derrick Johnson is getting older and how our injuries impacted our team were blatantly obvious last year. With Mosley’s speed for a linebacker his size; he would give the Chiefs better coverage across the middle on the slant routes AND quick out patterns that the Chargers, Broncos and Colts used to beat us last season. And who the hell wants to lose to Phillip Rivers… again? This pick would open up a lot of opportunities with our defense since Mosley seems to naturally read his opponents well and has a high football IQ. Depending up Mosley’s development, we could then trade Johnson in 2015, which is the last year of his contract and save some additional cap room. Not saying I want DJ gone, I just know that replacing him with a draft pick would be much more cost efficient than trying to find a replacement on the market.


Round #2

No pick at this time due to Alex Smith trade. We will have at least two supplemental picks next year; maybe trade those for a second rounder this year. Who knows? It could be worth a try.


Round #3 with the 87th pick


Dri Archer-WR-Kent State

There should be some good WRs left in this round including Dri Archer. I believe his senior year was filled with injury, there are some excellent numbers on his side as well as versatility as a receiver that has played as RB and a kickoff returner with three kickoff returns resulting in touchdowns. Sounds a LOT like McCluster here. Only this guy seems a little quicker and not such a McClusterfuck. One of the most impressive stats besides his overall maturity as a WR would have to be this quip from’s draft profile:


“Despite making just 21 collegiate starts, he finished his Kent State career ranked among the school’s all-time leaders with 4,980 all-purpose yards and 40 touchdowns (24 rushing, 12 receiving, four kickoff returns).”
Damn. Those are some nice numbers. One of his downsides was the fact he was a little on the slim and breakable side. This can be okay if we get him in the weight room and build up some needed muscle and strength. If we put Archer on the “Dwayne Bowe Sonic Diet” he should have no problem gaining some much needed weight for durability and longevity purposes. (Kidding, kinda)


Round #4 with the 124th pick


Pierre Desir– Cornerback- Lindewood Collage (Div II)

Although from a small school, Desir impressed scouts at the Senior Bowl and at the combine. His size and athleticism allows him to jam WRs at the line, something we need more of. While Chris Owens is a nice option that was signed this offseason, he may or may not be the answer. Brandon Flowers does a solid job but had a down year last year and Marcus Cooper does not seem to be stepping up as a solid option. Flowers also has a cap number of $11.5 million in 2015 and we could save ourselves the trouble and draft his replacement now. I enjoy Desir’s natural instinct to intercept the ball and his overall confidence. Coming from D2 he has a lot to prove but he was a shining star in a somewhat lackluster program. I would enjoy seeing what he could do with Reid’s system and seeing how he could develop his already impressive skills.




Round #5 with the 163rd pick


Spencer Long-Guard-Nebraska

Although injury prevented Long from showing much last season, Long could be a “sleeper” in the fifth round if available. He appears to be healed from his high ankle sprain and is in excellent shape. The Chiefs have two guards they are counting on with Johnson and Watkins and if the Chiefs start Eric Kush at center… Rodney Hudson would move to guard, replacing Jeff Allen, who seems to be slower than the DMV. Michael Sam, defensive end from Mizzou who was the Co-Defensive SEC Player last year is projected to be a linebacker due to his lack of size and disastrous combine work out. While he still has a “nose” for the ball and could be a playmaker, there is the constant buzz about him being the first openly gay NFL player. The Chiefs could also go for a tight end with this pick.



Round #6 with the 193rd and 200th Picks


Andrew Norwell-G/T; Ohio State

Marqueston Huff-Safety-Wyoming


A second team All–Big 10 guard, Norwell played tackle as well, showing good run blocking and pass protections skills. While his report says that he needs to be better at weight training, which seems to be easier to “teach” than natural talent such as versatility and aggressiveness. He is described as not looking pretty but getting the job done… which to me sounds a lot like our Chiefs that went 9-0. Huff is a recently converted linebacker that only played safety his senior year and probably wouldn’t contribute in 2014. Depending on whom they draft in the 3rd round, they might take a chance on Huff. In Rounds 6 & 7, I feel the Chiefs should go for the best athletes available, which could be players from smaller schools that could use a year to develop. This goes back to my roots as a K-State fan and seeing these younger JuCo players come out and dominate 4/5 star recruits.  

Round #7- None



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