Sum It Up: The Royals Postseason Run

What do you get when the longest playoff drought in professional sports ends?


What do you get when the longest playoff drought in professional sports ends, and is followed by six straight postseason wins, including four wins in extra innings?

I asked Royals fans on Twitter to sum up the playoff run thus far in one word. This is what they had to say:

Strategery. Surreal. Wut. Insomnia. Wooooooooooooo. Drunktober. #HaveMercy. Dongs. Cockamamie. Prodigious. Blessed. Unforgettable. Clutch. Inexplicable. Moocaigorbutmerez. Magical. Wetdream. MINDBLOWING. Destiny. Charmed.

And my personal favorite…


The Royals are the darlings of Major League Baseball. The Royals, are the darlings, of Major League Baseball. Yes, I said it twice, and it’s still hard to believe. I’ve watched the games. I watch the commercials. I hear the radio spots saying the Royals are coming home to Kansas City with a 2-0 lead on Baltimore in the ALCS. I AM GOING TO GAME FOUR ON WEDNESDAY. But it still doesn’t seem real.

The Royals are two wins away from the World Series. Two. Wins. That’s honestly a sentence I didn’t know if I would ever say in my lifetime. (Well, okay, my lifetime since my memory developed. I turned one in October of 1985.) The Royals play the next two (three, if necessary) games at home. They play these games in front of one of the most electric crowds baseball has ever seen. A crowd so electric they turned a baseball stadium into a football stadium and literally affected a play on the field. Would we be where we are today if the wildcard game had been played in Oakland? Probably not. But, here we are.

Three months ago, I don’t think anyone expected this. Hell, three weeks ago I don’t think any of us expected this. But it’s happening. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve followed this franchise for twenty years or two weeks; the sentiment is the same. This team is special. These guys are special. What is happening in Kansas City right now is special. And I, for one, have been rendered almost speechless. Almost.

Thanks to everyone who helped me sum up the Royals playoff run so far.