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They did it.

Mattel finally introduced a Barbie, the realistic and all inclusive doll, to represent how diverse and exciting women across the globe truly are. With years of people being #madonline about the way Barbie horribly represented the “ideal” female body type, now there is a doll for everyone.

We are an all female founded, run, and maintained sports blog and the only one of it’s kind. No biggie. In 2014, the website was started with the title “Sprots Takes With Hotties” and still functions under that name-even though we have shortened it to simply “Sprots Takes”. Still, we constantly have people searching for sprots hotties or sports hotties that stumble across our site. While I believe our shortened moniker is for the best, it really seems to irk people on the internet when they come to our site and it isn’t just a bunch of naked chicks.

Being completely centered around positivity for women throughout the wide world of sports is something that we strive for at Sprots Takes. Seeing Barbie dolls with realistic body types, gorgeous new skin colors, and incredibly fun new looks with crazy colors of hair is something that excites me. As a mother, I do not worry about what my kids play with (unless they have machetes or something along those lines) because I hope to lead by example of being a role model for them. However, when I see Barbies of all shapes and ethnic backgrounds, it makes me happy to know that a doll seemingly stuck in the past has modernized for 2016.
Here’s to a positive vibes filled 2016, we’re off to a great start already!

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