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Kansas State jumped into conference play with not enough preparation and not enough control of mechanics. This lead to a slow 0-3 start in conference play and an overall 10-5 record. While this team is finally thriving with communication and locker room fundamentals, the Wildcats need to show a little bit more on the court to convince fans that they have a legitimate chance in the Big 12 this year.

Often overshadowed by their instate rival, Kansas State was in the national spotlight already this year with an early game against North Carolina. While the outcome of that game wasn’t ideal for the Wildcats, it showed the K-State faithful that this team could be up to something come March. Stephen Hurt is coming off one of his best games this year against Oklahoma and the Wildcats managed to stay within ten points of the top ranked Sooners in Norman. Barry Brown is also a major key to success (#blessup) for this young and evolving team. With 19 points against Oklahoma, Brown has proven his ability to help the Wildcats keep up with high scoring offenses.

Texas Tech marches into Manhattan tonight after winning 10 of their 11 non-conference games and beating Texas-a feat the Wildcats could not accomplish. All signs point to this game being close if the Red Raiders continue to put the low numbers they have as of late. Kansas State needs to utilize their power and play tougher defense against this lackluster Texas Tech offense. With their worst conference start (0-3) since the 2008-2009 season under Frank Martin, Kansas State needs to step it up a few notches if they want to be relevant in March and get back to the tournament.

“We can’t use our youth or inexperience as an excuse,we have to find ways to win”

Bruce Weber, you are correct. The transition of last year’s disaster of a locker room to this year’s seemingly improved atmosphere means you can’t blame your team’s chemistry anymore. The leadership and focus the Wildcats showcased against a very tough North Carolina team needs to make an appearance in conference play or the Wildcats will once again be sitting out of the action in March.
Kansas State wins tonight 72 – 66

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