Mindiana Jones Investigates: 8 Royals Items to Buy Before Opening Day

Though it’s March, the weather in Kansas City has tricked my mind into thinking I’ll hear Denny Matthew’s voice calling the Royals when I turn on the radio. While we’re not quite to Opening Day yet, let’s celebrate the start of Spring Training by checking out some Royals items we HAVE to get before the 2017 season begins.



1. Be Royal Necklace

As much as I wish it was socially acceptable to wear a Royals jersey to work every single day, I do occasionally have to look like I have my life together. During those rare moments, this necklace would be perfect to look professional while still showing my Royals pride.

$40. Buy here

2. Royals Folded Book

While we’re on the subject of looking adult-like and professional, how about having THIS is a home decoration? It’ll impress your family and friends all while pretending you’ve actually picked up a book since college!

$90 Buy here

3. SLiK Hound Royals Dog Collar

If you’re going to take your dog to Bark at the Park this season, you gotta hook up your canine with some new threads. Plus, SLiK Hounds is a local company, so you can feel even better about your purchase.

$22.50 Buy here

5. Furever Royal Shirt

As someone who occasionally spends her time walking dogs at Great Plains SPCA and dreaming of dognapping them all, I have to mention this shirt. 100% of the proceeds goes to Great Plains. Wear it to Bark at the Park while your dog sports that new collar, eh?

$20 Buy here

6. Royals Canvas Shoes

I would never condone violence against people, even rivals. However, if you ever have to kick a Cardinals fan in the face, you would be mighty stylish doing it in these custom Royals shoes.

$59.99 Buy here

7. Ace 30 Memorial Fund Donation

You won’t get a physical item, but trust me, the feeling is better than any item you could buy. Donations to the Ace 30 Memorial Fund will help support youth baseball in Yordano Ventura’s home, the Dominican Republic.

Donate here

8. Ventura Shirt

We miss you, Ace.

$27.99 Buy here


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