Roses are Red, Tigers are Not

The Missouri Tigers are 4-2, to put it plainly. One horrible loss to Kentucky, and one embarrassing loss to Florida. Here’s how their season has gone so far:


They started out so confident with Mr. Mauk.

But he was sacked lots of times

Because the O-Line couldn’t block.

And then he was suspended,

Yeah, it was a bit of a shock.

So in comes a freshman,

The hero, called Drew Lock.

Could he save us all,

And put us back on top?


The first game went well,

24 points were scored.

But then against Florida,

he only put 3 on the board.

They’ve had no luck with that guy named Mauk.

And though it might be early,

I’ve got faith in Lock.

He’s 1-1, and he surely doesn’t suck.

Hopefully against Georgia,

the D won’t pressure  so much.

I hope, and I pray, and I wish, and I think,

That Drew Lock will do well,

and not really stink.


There’s plenty of time for this young man called Drew.

For Heaven’s sake,

they’re only 4-2.

And while you are so quick to jump the gun,

Remember that he’s a freshman,

and he’s just having fun.

But fun doesn’t mean that you can’t win a game,

So he should be careful,

or he’ll get all of the blame.