Romain Bigeard, the Legend of League of Legends

Romain Bigeard. Officially, the former “manager” of Unicorns of Love (yes, that’s a real team). More commonly known as the half naked dude with a unicorn hat and the hero of all of our hearts.

Why do you care? Well, he’s the coolest human alive AND he’s coming to the US! Bigeard has signed on as the manager of newly franchised NALCS team, OpTic Gaming.

“10 years ago I had no clue esports even existed,” Bigeard posted on Instagram in October. “5 years ago I was a SC2 fan rarely playing LoL. 3 years ago I would have never imagined what it meant to work for an esports team. 2 months ago I would have never imagined leaving UOL. And still, today I am quitting probably one of the best jobs in the world. It has been a wonderful experience working with such great people like Jos and Sheepy. A family-sized company like UOL allows you to work in different fields as they have a limited amount of employees to perform all the tasks. From business to management, from coaching to social media, I had the chance to learn and try a lot of things while being surrounded by smart people. For that I thank you all.”

Check out some highlights of Romain Bigeard below and get ready to hop on his hype train because let’s be real, Romain is the only thing OpTic has going for them so far…

Also, be sure to follow his IG here!

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