Welcome to Monday without March Madness distracting you and enabling you to avoid all obligations.

We journeyed through some highs and lows over the first two rounds of this man-eating tournament.


Which lead to this…

What a wonderful world we live in thanks to Charles Barkley and his lovely antics.

Also, Bob Huggins hates being uncomfortable:

We love Bob Huggins.

We also love it when Sam Brownback gets booed for existing as a giant asshole:



The Big 12 had a lovely 0-3 showing on Thursday.

That hurt, a lot.

This is where I would cue Van Morrison’s “Into The Mystic”

Gregg Marshall, your thoughts on beating KU after 20+ years of them avoiding WSU?


More #content and #hottakes will make their way out this week, we had a long night of celebrating GAT’s birthday.

What are some of your favorite moments from the first two rounds of madness???


or comment below!



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