NFC South Prediction

Atlanta Falcons

2014 Record: 6-10

The Atlanta Falcons didn’t do much to prove the “Hard Knocks” curse wrong by having back to back losing seasons and getting their coach fired. The man coming in to shape up this shoddy at best team? Dan Quinn. If you could describe Dan Quinn as an inanimate object, what would it be?

A steel MFin’ trap.

Dan Quinn’s run defense is something to be marveled as well as his ability to turn teams around when necessary. This is his first year as a head coach and I cannot wait to see how he might bring Atlanta back to glory days. First things first… Get rid of Matt Ryan.

Enough said.

GAT’s Season Prediction: 9-7



Carolina Panthers

2014 Record: 7-8-1

First, ties are complete BS. We all agree that this is not soccer, so FINISH THE DAMN GAME. Hell, even baseball keeps going until someone wins! And that sport was voted the most boring among young people! Alright so Carolina rid themselves of Greg Hardy and added fighting in training camp to their list of accomplishments this season! Also, after looking over their WR core… I’m a little bit worried for Cam Newton. How many fantasy owners can vouch for the fact that Greg Olsen is completely unreliable? This team does nothing for me going into the season so I will have a hard time giving them anything more than the below prediction…

GAT’s Season Prediction: 7-9


New Orleans Saints

2014 Record: 7-9

So you have problems all year with guys to score touchdowns…then you get rid of Jimmy Graham? Are the Saints taking money under the table to make Brees go out as a loser? I think this all goes back to cutting Sproles. In 2014 the Saints took Brandin Cooks out of Oregon State and he had three touchdowns…and broke his thumb. Maybe he will step up and help out Colston this season because there isn’t much else out there. But my expert analysis is running out and the Chiefs got Grubbs and Saints are stuck with McGlynn. HAHA U LOSE BYE!

GAT’s Season Prediction: 6-10


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2014 Record: 2-14

Yikes. Talk about one helluva losing season. They still won TWO whole games though! No one is reading this far into this post but if you are, I owe you a high five. So collect your high fives the next time you see me. Can I tell you about what I miss about Tampa Bay? Jon Gruden. I miss his ridiculous hair on the sidelines and how he never seemed to sweat on the top of his head. He wore bad ass visors and was the only person I would never make fun of for wearing a visor. Like not even on the internet. Jon Gruden terrifies me enough and also makes me smile with his hard ass attitude. What other coach could make “POUND THE ROCK” an actual thing and have people take him seriously?! I guess this has nothing to do with the Bucs but I think Winston = habitual line stepper and it is a matter

GAT’s Season Prediction: 5-11







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