Nebraska’s in the Music Shitty Bowl, Woooooohoooo



Nebraska is headed to the Music Shitty Bowl. If I wasn’t still so disappointed after the shitty Iowa game, perhaps I could find some optimism for this game. Instead, I am a bitter bitch.

I learned which lackluster, oops, my apologies, which SHITTY Bowl game the Huskers were going to via a shitty ESPN notification – honestly I had zero interest in looking it up. There was no anxiety or anticipation. My reaction? *SHRUG*

Since inadvertently learning the Huskers’ shitty fate on selection Sunday, my interest has waned even further. The game is on a Friday at 2:30 PM. Must the last Friday of 2016 be tarnished by the MUSIC SHITTY BOWL?? I took the day off from work for my shitty birthday and this is what I get? I mean, I don’t even know what happened to Tennessee’s football team after they stopped winning. And I don’t care to look. Shit.

This game features 2 teams who basically took a shit on their seasons. At least I assume that’s what happened to Tennessee. But the Volunteers have the clear advantage here seeing how the game is IN NASHVILLE. Greaaaaat. Much excite.

I have 3 weeks to change my shitty attitude and get amped for this shitastic game.

I feel like such a wench for throwing all this negativity out there but shit, I am hella disappointed. Let’s hope for a shitty moral victory come the 30th. Or at least an improvement to my shit outlook.


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