Meet GAT!

Not really sure how my parents already knew I was going to be an expensive child, but they had a hunch.

One day my dad wrote a check for a large amount and made it out to “GAT.”

Almost instantly my mother was concerned and confronted him with “Who in the HELL is GAT?”



My parents gave me the most suitable initials of all time without even realizing it. Yes, this is why everyone calls me GAT. I like to stick with that because my real name of “Gracey” seems a little bit misleading when almost every word out of my mouth would be bleeped out on national TV. So here we are, 2014 and women get to vote, drive cars and talk about sports if they want to.


Born in ’88 on the streets of Leahood, I was raised to love ALL things Kansas City. The majority of my family are learned scholars and went to a lot of universities but my grandparents were KU Alum. However, my family ranges from Harvard/George Washington/University of Illinois/Western State/Colorado/School of Hard Knocks.

Glad I decided to go to the Harvard of the Midwest, Kansas State University.

Some of my favorite sports memories are the stressful drives with my dad screaming at the radio about the Chiefs and “FUCKING CARL PETERSON!” Also going to training camp as a kid was pretty awesome. Somewhere there is a photo of Neil Smith holding me as a baby. (Great job watching me at home that day, Dad!) Also, I was raised in a rugby household (GO BLUES!) and have a love of all things violent and tough. This explains a lot of things once you meet me.

I am an avid K-State, Chiefs and Royals fan. I’ve struggled through some of the roughest years in Kansas City sports history as well as gotten to ride the roller coaster that is Kansas State sports. Fun fact, unlike most, I’ve attended Kansas State and plan on graduating from there when I am finally done with my Van Wilder plan.

Right now I work and go to school full time and also have two kids. So yeah, I wasn’t very busy so I decided to start up my own sports blog in 2013 which slowly was becoming boring on my own so I met the original co-founder and we decided to open up a legit website/blog/podcast that people could interact with two women who know their shit when it comes to sports and basically everything else in life. Now I’ve added additional “hotties” and you can find them all if you press your “back” button 🙂

I love attending football/baseball games and when I make it to K-State basketball games, it is ALWAYS a good time. It’s almost the only time I go out so I like to do it big. This can get weird at times but hey, who doesn’t love a good time.

I also have a degree in getting horses really pregnant, enjoy professional wrestling (D GENERATION X) and hope that one day I will get to meet Triple H and do a “suck it” with him


The OG, that hair was awful.
Present Day, 2016!

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