Meet OKC: Morrow and McGary

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by @meganmtrout megan

The Thunder are now 7-5 on the season, after two losses and two wins over the last week. Kevin Durant is still out with his hamstring issue, which has made for a revolving door of starters to replace him in each game. Andre Roberson seems to have a hold on the unofficial Durant replacement title, however he had flu like symptoms for a few games, leading the Thunder to start Kyle Singler. That experiment was laughable, at best.

Enes Kanter and Russell Westbrook have been on fire this past week, softening the blow of losing the offensive power of KD.  Kanter is getting much more comfortable under the rim and is nearly getting a double-double every night. Westbrook is doing everything in his power to step up and lead his team to victories. He’s a natural triple-double machine, but he’s really been working on passing the ball and setting up plays more, as opposed to earlier in the season when he was trying to drive the ball to the net himself. Don’t get me wrong, Westbrook is still scoring the bulk of the points for the Thunder, having 2 back to back 40+ point games last week.  It would be really fun to see the two playing together more often, but Kanter and Russ will most likely stay on separate shifts because Kanter’s defense cannot match the two headed monster of Serge Ibaka and Steven Adams that gives Westbrook the room on the court he needs to be a playmaker.

Tonight, the Thunder faces off against the Knicks who are a playing .500 ball, but are on a 2 game win streak. OKC then has back to back games against the Mavericks and Jazz on Sunday and Monday, followed by a matchup with the Nets on Wednesday at home.

Anthony Morrow, or “A-Mo”, is a 6’5” Guard for OKC. Morrow is a bit of an under the radar guy, going undrafted in 2008 and bouncing around from team to team ever since. He seems to have found a comfortable home in OKC with a decent three year contract. Morrow has the smoothest three-point shot on the team, when he gets the opportunity to unleash it. If the Thunder’s second unit can work on getting Morrow the ball more, he could be a deadly weapon.

I don’t know much about Morrow’s personal life, other than he is a huge Carolina Panthers fan thanks to being raised in Charlotte and he seems to be fond of rap/gospel rap music. The media loves him as he is always willing to give an interview, is extremely professional, and never stops praising the Thunder and OKC itself.


Mitch McGary is a Power Forward for the Thunder, though at 6’10”, he is easily mistaken for a Center. McGary made his professional debut last year after being drafted 21st overall in 2014. His speed and shooting ability have made him an excellent off the bench asset for the Thunder.  McGary was projected to be in the top 5 players of his class, however his skills have been a little slow to develop at higher levels of competition. He’s just a baby and has plenty of time to develop.

Mitch McGary grew up in Indiana and spent his two college years at Michigan before being drafted. McGary likes to spend his free time rapping, hanging with his gorgeous Great Dane, Nala, and apparently has some unicycling talents. His jersey may or may not have been my first OKC merch purchase.






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