Meet Mindy!

Hey, all! I’m Mindy.

Yes, like Mindy Kaling.

No, I’m not as funny. But I would take her bank account.

I’ve lived in Kansas my entire life but grew up in a blended family of football teams. My father, born and raised in Texas, is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. Though he eventually grew to love the Chiefs when he was stationed at Ft. Riley, it was the same routine every Sunday: Chiefs at 12 pm, Cowboys at 3 pm. You better hope they didn’t play at the same time.

Saturdays were a similar story, but with the Wildcats and Longhorns. I feverishly rooted for K-State in an elementary and middle school full of KU fans. I never got bullied; though you could say basketball season was torture for me. I even have the mortifying sweater-vest to prove it.

Sweetest sweater-vest of all time. Take THAT Jim Tressel!

(There was an embarrassing period when I gave in to the Longhorn pressure and started to cheer for them during their 2005 run. I have a sweatshirt. I’m not proud. Don’t tell anyone. Also, say nothing about my bangs in elementary school).

Of course, I’m also a Royals fan. Whenever someone tries to throw “bandwagon fan” around, I tell them my favorite player when I was a kid was Ken Harvey. That usually shuts them up, followed by looks of pity.

In 2010, I packed my bags and headed to Manhattan for 5 wonderful years at Kansas State. You could say I was pretty hashtag blessed as far as sports were concerned while I was at K-State. I was there for Titletown and rushed the field for football and court for basketball. I once followed Frank Martin around Target and tweeted about it. Jacob Pullen almost hit me with his car. I traveled to the Cotton, Fiesta, and Alamo Bowls. I’m blocked by Bruce Weber on Twitter.








I graduated in May 2015 with a degree in Microbiology. I plan to attend medical school, but until then, I’m SPROTSTAKES almost-doctor. I’m not responsible for any medical advice or lack thereof you receive from me. You’ll regularly find me at Sporting KC games, and going on feminist rants on Twitter. I’ll also secretly watch Cowboys games and not tell Twitter, because Cowboys fans are quite possibly some of the worst.