Meet Catalina Melgoza!

Get to know our latest contributor, Catalina Melgoza, aspiring journalist and UMKC student

MFCEO’s Note: Catalina Melgoza is an incredibly talented and smart young woman that we are honored to have join our staff! 

Most people look at me and assume I am younger than what I look. It can get annoying at times, but I least I know I will be forever young! Others say I am sweet, passionate, and down to earth. I always go for what I want in life and won’t stop until I get it. I am a junior at UMKC. I am studying communication studies with an emphasis in journalism and minor in Spanish. My goal is to be fluent in Spanish when I graduate. Until then, I will still wear my Chicana pride around and use what I know! After graduation I want to pursue a career in radio or television broadcasting.

Growing up, I was always into sports. My dad couldn’t share his love for sports with anyone in the household since my mom is not as into them and my brother wasn’t either, so that’s where I came in. I watch all of the Chiefs and Royals games with him in the living room. He is always the one I go to to talk about a draft pick or what’s next for a sports team.

I was born and raised in Kansas City and that means I am a huge Royals and Chiefs fan. When it comes to college, of course I root for the UMKC Roos, but I grew up a Mizzou fan. Baseball and football are my favorite sports! I have always enjoyed going to the games. I enjoy watching sports, but being there to experience it is 20x better. It always gives me a rush!

It is always shocking to others (specifically guys) when they hear that I am a sports fan. They’re like, “What?! A girl that knows this much about sports?” and I say, “Yeah! Girls like sports too”.

I have done a radio internship with 810 Sports Radio in KC. That was such a fun experience. My love for sports only grew and I was able to meet all kinds of local athletes that I love to watch.

I am a contributor for SprotsTakes all thanks to Gracey! She saw my blogs I wrote for a class and the rest is history. I love to write and it has always been a strength of mine. I am learning all aspects of journalism and that is what I wanted. The writing side of it, the production, the business side, and being on air.

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