Meet Breana!

MFCEO’s Note: We are super excited to have Breana on board with Sprots Takes for the upcoming football season. Thanks to so many people reaching out for the Oklahoma position, learn more about our new OU writer below!

Breana Byline







Hey guys, I’m Bre, and the girl probably yelling too loudly in the stadium.

Born in Chicago, I grew up a die-hard Bears and Cubs fan, which is a commitment in itself.


My entire family had attended University of Iowa, but I never really wanted to walk around looking like a bumble bee, so I began my search. My first and ONLY stop: University of Oklahoma and I haven’t left Norman since. I am now the girl in the stadium in the South screaming with a northern accent. I LOVE Oklahoma and everything that the University of Oklahoma stands for.My one complaint? I almost rarely get to watch a Chicago sports game on the channels here! I mean come on, the Cubs are America’s team! Because of this, Buffalo Wild Wings and their abundance of channels have become my new home. You won’t catch me missing a Bears game on a Sunday and I catch over a hundred baseball games a year. Yeah, it gets expensive.


I grew up playing soccer my entire life, but lets be real, soccer is not very enjoyable to watch. Now my passion is football and I have a mean spiral. While you won’t see me on Saturdays playing on Owen Field, there is a pretty good chance you’ll be able to hear me. I wasn’t raised an OU fan so the whole “sooner born, sooner bred, and when I die I’ll be sooner dead” song doesn’t really apply to me. However, I plan on pushing my passion and love for OU on not only my kids, but pretty much anyone I encounter.

Every home game you will find me at a tailgate from the crack of dawn until I head in to watch my boys win. Away games? Pretty solid chance I’m there as well, and usually not well received by the away team nor their fans. In a friend’s bio of me on her wedding page, I figured she would write kind words of how we met and how great of a friend I am. I was wrong. Instead she wrote about how I am the girl in the big floppy hat and lipstick that looks like I would be so kind, but then you find me yelling at the opposing team’s fans and causing a scene. I am okay with this, at least she really knows me!

That floppy hat she talked about and I even made our way to Miami for the Orange Bowl for the 2016 playoffs and let me tell you, the Clemson fans had us out numbered big time. Although it was a stomping, this had to have been one of the best games I have been to. But nothing beats Bedlam every year, whether we are in Norman or Stillwater. There is nothing that makes a person feel more confident in themselves than walking around surrounded by a bunch of Jack-o-lantern looking Oklahoma State fans.


I’ve been to Bears games and UW Madison games, but there is nothing that compares to a home game in Norman. Walking down the street or standing in line in the bathroom, if someone yells Boomer, you bet your ass you’re yelling Sooner. And when the entire stadium is doing it? The bleachers vibrate, the fans are on their feet and Baker Mayfield is running around in circles jumping 3 feet in the air. It’s serious. Stoops has his visor on and all is right in the world.

I am now living the dream in tornado alley with my two tornado rescued pups and living in the greatest football town. Every crisp fall Saturday, I feel like I’m on an episode of Friday Night Lights.

I bleed crimson and cream. When I say OU and people respond with “oh Ohio,” I respond with my pointer finger in the air. There is only ONE OU and that is the University of Oklahoma!

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