Madness in Manhattan

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I placed money on KU last night at -5. Felt pretty confident about that and thought it was a steal. I love K-State but the way they had been playing was not feeling too positive about how they would perform. Thomas Gipson even publicly commented that they would most likely lose by at least 27 points, ouch! Who would have thought Kansas State would come out playing like they did? I sure as hell was stunned, that team played with determination like they never have this season. It was really a remarkable and unanticipated victory K-State fans should be celebrating.

Unfortunately the win is being overshadowed by the court storming debacle. As soon as the time expired students poured on the court in masses from every angle. It was like a stampede bum rushing the court, none of the players and coaches had a chance to make an exit or even get to the sidelines. To describe this sight as a chaotic mess would be an understatement. An all too eager fan hip checked Jamari Traylor and now the Manhattan police have posted pictures of this unknown raging fan asking for help identifying him. What are they going to put charges on him? An ambulance had to come to Bramlage because a fan passed out due to a panic attack. Bruce Weber had to shield Bill Self from the ensuing mass of fans bombarding them. Students were apparently being put in headlocks by assistant coaches. It was just a complete disaster and may have ended the so called fun of court storming in college basketball.


I would have liked to have watched this hot yet powerful mess go down in person (from far back that is) then make a swift exit to Aggieville and post up in Taco Lucha and commemorate the victory. I’m a small individual and could easily be trampled over and I also have a temper; I don’t want to be on ESPN punching some dude in the face cause he ran me over. Therefore I never have and never will storm the court. The arena should have had more security in place, no excuses.

The security staff had a good idea towards the end of the game when the scores were close that Kansas State had a good shot at winning. I also think the students should have used better judgment. The whole thing is putting a damper on an otherwise spectacular win and took away from the actual game. I will not be surprised if court storming is banned after this and then everyone will blame K-State…neat. With our showcase against the mighty Jayhawks, ESPN and other news outlets are asking the question if KU will be able to hold onto their winning streak of Big 12 Championships. While I think the Jayhawks are a talented team and could pull off another title, I’m glad my Kansas State Wildcats were responsible for that conversation being started.



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