League of Legends Has Franchised

Now Casual Sports Fans Can Become Casual eSports Fans

The time has come for the casual sports fan to become the casual eSports fan with League of Legends. LoL is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) eSports out there. League of Legends has successfully run one of the most organized competitive gaming scenes for many, many seasons in countries all over the world.

Reason #1: Riot Games Finally Makes Sense

The daddy of League of Legends, Riot Games, has officially franchised LoL. Franchising will make their competitive scene similarly structured to standard sports like the NFL or NBA. Riot has chosen 10 teams to have the opportunity to buy franchising rights and be permanent players in the North American League Championship Series or NALCS. For current fans, this means a consistent group of teams (and merch) every year as opposed to the ever in flux team lineups from the past. For new fans, this means a more relatable (and easier to follow) setup that mirrors sports they already understand.

Reason #2: Some of Your Favorite Traditional Sports Teams Have Teams

This is a long shot, but you may have heard of some teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers, Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors, and New York Yankees. All 4 of these major sports powerhouses have snatched up eSports teams. All 4 will be competing in the newly franchised NALCS. Their teams: 100 Thieves (Cleveland), Clutch Gaming (Houston), Golden Guardians (gross, GSW), and Echo Fox (which is already owned by former NBA star, Rick Fox, but has newly partnered with the Yankees). If you have any familiarity with eSports, Riot has also added OpTic Gaming. OpTic has a team in just about every other eSports arena in existence.

Reason #3: We’re All Starting Fresh With You

Riot is retaining Team SoloMid, Team Liquid, Cloud9, Counter-Logic Gaming, Echo Fox, and FlyQuest. However, they have declined franchise rights to Immortals, Team Dignitas (the 76ers new team), Phoenix1, and Team EnVyUs.

With these 4 out and 4 new big name teams in, roster swapping and contract pickups are going to change up the entire NALCS scene. Already, some of the biggest names in North America like Doublelift and Akaadian have been rumored to have new homes. Old fans and new fans alike will be starting on an even playing field as the new changes roll in.

There are just under 2 months until season 8 of League of Legends begins, so now is the time to jump in feet first. If you pick a team, give me a shout-out to let me know! I have supported Echo Fox since their debut in the NALCS, but since their partnership with the Yankees dropped, I am open to suggestions for a new team :p

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