League of Legends-Esports: What Are Those?

Megan Avi HeaderYou’ve seen us (me, it’s only me) tweeting about League of Legends sporadically over the past few weeks and most of you are like “Whaaaaaaaa?” So, I’m here to explain!

League of Legends is basically a computer version of capture the flag. Two teams of 5 champions face off against each other with the main objective being to destroy enough of the opponent’s turrets to take over their base. The path of least resistance would be up the middle lane which would require taking out 5 turrets to reach glory (there are a total of 11 turrets per team). Each of the 5 players on a team serves a different purpose from being responsible for attack damage, to healing, to ganking, or tanking.

Last week kicked off the Spring League Championship Series (LCS). There is both a North American tournament as well as a European tournament. The competition spans 9 weeks as teams earn championship points that can qualify them for Worlds. Today I’m going to introduce you to 5 of the 10 Euro-teams because the 2nd week of competition goes live at 11!

  1. H2K-Gaming
    1. This London based team has shown two completely different styles of gameplay so far. In their first match, H2K was all about map control and rarely engaged in team fights, ending the game with only 9 Kills and 1 Death for the squad. In their second match, the team got their hands quite a bit bloodier due to some overly aggressive (*reckless*) play to start the game. The team is highly gold driven, so expect to see them taking down many turrets and roaming the jungle often.
    2. PLAYER TO WATCH: Forg1ven. He sniped 23 opponent champions while dying 0 times himself, an impressive feat in championship play. He is learning to trust his teammates more than last season where he tended to go a little rogue to win games. This trust earned him the highest kill percentage in the competition for week one. He is also fun to watch because he rages. Hard. Like, fined by League constantly hard.
  2. G2SEports
    1. Newcomers to the championship series, G2 went 2-0 in week one. The team has a bit of a hybrid makeup with a duo taken from the Korean gaming pool. The team is extremely young, but hungry with one veteran top-laner guiding them through their debut on the big stage.
    2. PLAYER TO WATCH: Trick. G2’s Korean jungler was a force to be reckoned with in the team’s debut. As week one’s MVP, Trick, impressed the EU with his KDA of 6/1/21 (Kills/Deaths/Assists).
  3. Unicorns of Love
    1. Yes, that is sadly their actual name. UoL burst onto the scene last spring with unique team composition picks to wow the Esports world. They became the first team in LCS to upset a #1 seed in the semifinals. After, however, they had a bit of a fall from grace to finish fourth by the end of the summer competition. This year, the team completely revamped their starting lineup and so far, so good as they went 2-0 in week one.
    2. PLAYER TO WATCH: Diamondprox. This jungler is the newest addition to UoL, coming over from another EU team, Gambit (Forg1ven also played for Gambit). Diamondprox is a bit of a trendsetter in the jungle because he makes his seemingly off the wall picks work to absolute perfection. He has an aggressive game style that centers in counter-jungling.
  4. Fnatic
    1. Fnatic is the New England Patriots of League. This team won the very first season of championship play and has appeared in every single LCS championship round since the playoffs inception, only losing once. Fnatic has had some lineup changes this year to make them more of an aggressive, all-in style team. This worked wonders against their first opponent in week one, however they chose to use the same exact lineup in game 2, to their detriment. This week, Fnatic is fighting an uphill battle being matched up against H2k and UoL.
    2. PLAYER TO WATCH: Rekkles. The marksman for Fnatic has been around the block in the League world, playing for many different teams over his 4 year career. Rekkles holds records in both most kills in a season and least deaths in a season (both in the 2014 Summer split). He has also achieved the league version of a hat trick, getting a pentakill (killing all 5 of the opponent’s champions in limited span of time) not once, but twice in his playoffs career.
  5. Vitality
    1. Vitality is also making their debut during the 2016 Spring Series. Though the team is new, it’s players are not. Vitality gained their spot in the LCS by purchasing it from Gambit Gaming and it looks like they also borrowed a few of Gambit’s players. The team is a bit of a wildcard coming into the LCS with a ton of buzz about their gameplay, but then losing day one to ROCCAT. Day 2, the team bounced back for an impressive win against defending champions, Fnatic.
    2. PLAYER TO WATCH: KaSing. The Vitality support can play a mean Thresh and has experience playing in all lanes, which makes him basically a spy and the ultimate support.


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