KU Has Nothing to Lose



Ever since I can remember I was told to dislike KU. I remember going to every K-State vs. KU game growing up. I always loved the games at KU because the drive was 30 minutes instead of two hours. One year I went with my grandfather who had KU season football tickets in the alumni section. I got grief from all of the old folks because I was decked out in purple from head to toe. Another year I went with my dad. It was in Mangino’s early years. My dad thought it would be funny to put something on my back so all the fans could see.


I wish I had a picture of it, but I know it went something like this:

KU tuition: $20,000

Books at the KU bookstore: $500

Replacing the goal post after they beat Mizzou: $1,000

Being in the locker room with fat bastard himself: Priceless.



After all of the years growing up this way I never thought I would date a KU grad. He has taught me many things about the teams I used to hate and I thank him for that. Everyone knows that KU has nothing to lose in the game this weekend. I really don’t like that anymore. The rivalry that most K-State fans are used to just isn’t there. When I was in college we lost to KU for three years and I absolutely hated it. But before that and after that the rivalry didn’t and hasn’t existed.



Kansas State dominates in football and KU dominates in basketball. There are a few games here and there when it’s switched, but just admit it, that is the truth. KU has better athletes than we all think and are getting their program together again with Bowen. Their problem the past couple of years has been poor coaching since Mangino left. Even though they have had bad coaching they still have had some really great players in the NFL. Some examples are Stuckey, McDougald, Harris and Talib. Talib and Harris are two of the best corners playing on Sunday. Even though most people think we can overlook KU every year they are mistaken. Once they get a great coaching staff in there again they will be a dominate team yet again. I am slightly scared this year with the defense of Ben Heeny and the offensive threats of Tony Pierson and Jimmay Mundine.