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Kansas State marches into Waco with their heads held high, knowing that they finally have a conference win, but still have yet to win on the road and beat a ranked opponent. WHOOPS! Whatever, I’m sure that this game will be an upset and Bruce Weber’s hot streak will begin and we will FINALLY GET BACK TO THE TOURNAMENT! Isn’t that what everyone wants in the end? A chance at competing against teams that will probably beat you and crush your dreams all over again? Well, that certainly sounds like fun to THIS K-State fan!

All sarcasm aside, college basketball snuck up on me this year. I do not feel emotionally prepared for being a Kansas State fan and sucking again. This team showed signs of hope going into conference play, but I should have known better. Baylor is a garbage college with garbage fans and garbage everything else, so it is easy to dislike them passionately. This game means little to nothing to me because I walk in knowing we are going to lose because Baylor is trash, but also really good at basketball and that sucks when you’re their opponent. So, BOOOOOO to that. Now, try to get your mind caught up after all that hard hitting analysis and let’s focus on what matters:

This weekend I will be in Bramlage cheering on the Wildcats while rocking my Zubaz and watching Pistol Pete probably scare small children (Does Pistol Pete travel for basketball games?). In order to expand our horizons here at SprotsTakes dot com, we have a new ambassador program in place. This program takes fellow Big 12 fans on a journey to witness a collaboration of epic levels by experiencing their team (probably winning) in Bramlage followed by a personalized tour of Aggieville. All of this would be conducted in the utmost professional manner in Zubaz & drinking 360 Vodka while being chauffeured around because drinking and driving is for losers.

The trial run of this program will begin with Pokelahoma, a lovely individual flying in to Kansas City to hang with GAT (or try to) on Saturday. We will be touring Aggieville before and after the game and will be wearing some Zubaz courtside to harass, I mean cheer on, our favorite teams.

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GO CATS! Don’t lose to Baylor by TOO much!

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