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College Basketball Woes

Who are the current top three teams in the country right now? Yea… I couldn’t tell you that, all I know is Kentucky is once again at the top, but that’s about it. Confession time: I have yet to watch one entire college basketball game start to finish this season.

I’ve either been all about football or I’ll catch the first half of the game or the last half. This season just hasn’t captured my attention as it has in previous years. Many of my friends have expressed the same opinions about this season; the magic just seems to be dwindling a little every year.

Perhaps the “one and done” rule applied by David Stern in 2006 and the issue of player transfers has had an effect on the game. Players are not allowed to enter the NBA draft until one year after their high school class graduates. Most prospects choose to play one year of college basketball. Schools fight for them and do whatever it takes to get these one year prodigies on their teams. While players jump at the possibility to make it to the big time, make millions of dollars, and support their families the rule has had a substantial impact on the game.

Not only are all the great players leaving after one season but transferring has become more accepted in college basketball than ever before. If a player doesn’t get along with a coach or doesn’t agree with his playing time he just ups and leaves, no big deal. Some can even get around the sit out a year policy with a few certain loopholes in place. For instance there are rumors floating around that Kansas State’s Marcus Foster may be transferring next season due to disagreements with the coach.

Here we go again, the fan base gets excited about players and the team and they can’t watch them grow and improve. Every season there are new faces and they may be gone the following year, which makes it difficult to follow along as a fan. If your team can’t recruit players at the level of Kentucky and Duke then they seem to never have a chance especially with players transferring all the time and teams constantly changing.

So what gives? Is it because of the level of play created by the top schools is seemingly impossible to compete with? Is college basketball just not as exciting this year because my own school’s team is terrible? Have you been experiencing the same woes when it comes to watching your team compete each week?

Comment or tweet me and tell me where you stand on this college basketball season!



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