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What’s up everyone, we are back with another edition of WRITE 4 SPROTS TAKES!

Alright, so you made it to the website, excellent job! What do we represent here at Sprots Takes dot com?

We feel like it’s a fun combination between the two. We like to drink, we like to yell at things and we like to get weird. But more importantly, we love to watch sports and interact with our chosen team’s fan base. Sprots Takes With Hotties was founded under the idea of “this is going to be a disaster, can’t wait to get started!”

What happened was the opposite of a disaster and we started having real live people listen to our podcast, read our blog posts and interact with us! How neat is that!

Sprots are for people who love their teams and love to have fun. Taking things too seriously is not our specialty. While we have knowledge and can totally drop sprots bombs on you, we’d prefer to just have FUN with sports. Add the entertainment and colorful commentary in a predominantly over covered industry. Do we need to recap a game to tell you what happened with your favorite team? No, probably not. There are other websites to do that for you. We want to bring you the latest sports news from our perspective.

Being able to write about sports in a way that people who don’t really care for sports at all would still read and enjoy it? That would be neat! However, we are aimed at the passionate and die hard fans that want nothing more than to see their team rise to victory in every way possible, but yet they know that isn’t reality and they still stick with their team. We love the highs and we resent the lows.

We are females that have spent more time tailgating at sporting events than we have at the mall. We enjoy screaming and degrading another team based off principle. We are used to being asked random trivia by men to “prove” our sports knowledge. (WHY DO  YOU INSIST ON DOING THIS?!) We are used to being the only girl in the group that knows what is actually going on. We are used to other girls picking teams based off uniform colors when it comes to March Madness. We aren’t here to make fun of that girl, we’d rather take her under our wing and show her the fun side of being a sports fan.

Now that we have that clear, if you are a passionate fan of Oklahoma State or Oklahoma and want to write about your team… shoot me an email or fill out the form below!


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