It is Time…

To say that I am excited about football being back is a bit of an understatement. I have been excited since the day after it ended. There is a void in my life that no amount of playoff hockey, basketball, baseball or underwater basket weaving could ever fill. I even tried to fill it with vodka, didn’t work. College football represents more than just a sport, it represents a ritualistic behavior on Saturdays. These traditions may include waking up at the crack of dawn to prepare tailgating food, turn on College Gameday, pop open a beer, slap on your face paint, etc. all for the big game.

One thing that I am most excited about is seeing Bill Snyder Family Stadium fill to the brim and echo with loud K-S-U chants as the team faces South Dakota at 6:10 pm. This young K-State team is motivated to prove their critics wrong and Bill Snyder is perfectly fine with the critics doubting them. Almost like clockwork, Snyder’s team opens up to preseason polls putting the Wildcats at seventh in the Big 12. This is exactly where Snyder prefers to be. Nothing flashy, nothing fancy and no high expectations. If Kansas State does anything at all, it will be considered better than expected.

Going into the season with that type of outlook is pretty common for a Kansas State fan. There have been years where we thought we would go all the way to the National Championship, there have been years when it was like winning a title just to win a conference game. The constant? Bill Snyder. Behind the witchcraft and wizardry of a human being, Snyder embodies everything you could want in a coach. This is a no pressure year. No mighty SEC opponent to face in Week Two, no pesky issues going into camp, team seems to be flowing well together.

The talent at quarterback and wide receiver up and left for Seattle Seahawks so right now the Wildcats are looking to beef up their run game with Charles Jones, “Chuckie” as I call him, and less of a presences at quarterback. Does this mean they are terrible at QB? No. Just don’t expect the QB to be making deep passes right off the bat. The run game might finally get back to K-State standards by having a standout in the younger guys this year. Nothing will be determined until the start of the game, per Snyder usual.


Prediction against South Dakota:

Kansas State: 33 South Dakota: 10


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