Hide Your Brooms

We didn’t sweep the Twins. This is as shocking to Twins fans as it is to all of us Royals fans of the Blue World Order.


That is absolutely ridiculous. So have we earned the “Bad Boys of Baseball” title since we are clearly the most hated? Or do you say we are the most feared? Intentionally hitting players is not very nice, so I’d like to think everyone has a case of slippery balls (haha) and there is no actual harmful intent going on. However, if you ARE trying to take out our players, you should think twice. We are going into the series against Chicago with the hope that our team won’t get pummeled left and right.

Thanks to our friend @ConradMcGorkin for this!
Thanks to our friend @ConradMcGorkin for this!

The attitude and the spirit of this team is magical to watch. Even when Jeremy Guthrie screws up everything and makes me incredibly mad, I still love this team. The fans are united behind the Blue World Order movement and have expressed their love for the Royals this year in a totally different way.
If you follow the right people on Twitter, you will get some of the greatest insight to baseball that there is. You will be able to join a VERY interactive fan base by simply tweeting and cheering on your team. The snark and the genius behind some of the slogans and names of the players happen all on Twitter, and you need to be apart of it.

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