Here we go again…

Here we go another significant match up against the dreaded Denver Broncos and golden boy Peyton Manning.  The anticipation for this game lead to many, including myself, to over look the Raiders game last Thursday. It was the perfect trap game and the Chiefs fell right into it, easier than a drunken sorority chick.  The horrific execution by the Chiefs made the Raiders look like a playoff team that was used to actually winning things.  The game left Chiefs fans wondering if this was real and then came the heart wrenching news about Eric Berry.  What will come about from the rest of the season that was looking so promising just one week ago.  There is still hope and with a victory this Sunday the Chiefs can get right back on track and have a pretty decent shimmer of hope to make the playoffs.


From the first snap Kansas City needs to be ready to go. Taking the first quarter to get warmed up and in sync won’t cut it in this game. The Dolphins moved all up and down the field on the Broncos defense last week so Charles and Smith should be able to do the same.  With the Chiefs very average wide receivers going up against Denver’s corners,  Kansas City’s run game needs to come up big.  Travis Kelce needs to utilized as well as Bowe for some deep balls if possible. I also see Knile Davis taking more snaps than the past few games and being a big factor. Long drives and time management will be key .. Keep Peyton off the field.


The Broncos are banged up on the offensive side. Julius Thomas remains questionable for Sunday. The Chiefs need to stop Anderson and the rest of the Broncos backfield from producing big numbers.  Broncos offensive line is somewhat back to form, Manning was only sacked once last Sunday.  Chiefs need to find a way to put pressure on Manning.  That was the key for the Rams victory where Manning posted very dismal numbers.  Last meeting between Denver and Kansas City the Chiefs couldn’t touch the pocket. Hali and Houston need to go full on beast mode and come up big in this game.

The loss of Berry to sad circumstances will have a large impact on the team as a whole. The Pro Bowler was a defensive leader and an important influence on the team as a whole. What hurts most, the Chiefs were already thin in the secondary, and losing Berry for the year complicates an already dicey situation. The team and fans will have lots of emotion and heart going into this game for Berry. We all wish him the best, Chiefs Nation is behind him.


I think this will be a huge bounce back victory for Kansas City.  Let’s hope we can put that nightmarish last Thursday night behind us. The key is in their defense. Stop the Denver backfield while not taking away attention from the pass defense.  Hold Denver to 24 or under and I think the offense can do the rest.  I’m predicting a 28-24 Kansas City victory.


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