Guest Post: Empowering Women

Editor’s Note: Most of you may have seen Joy at our Zubazpalooza tailgate or met her on the most recent visit to Kansas City for the Zubaz calendar. Not only is she stunning, she is strong willed and extremely tough. First impressions aside, Joy has been speaking out against abusive relationships and domestic violence since she found her way out of an abusive relationship. Not only was Joy excited to share with us her story, but she was very excited to help us by modeling in the calendar benefiting the Rose Brooks Center.

With the recent and ongoing spotlight on sports and domestic violence crimes, wanted to show our support of organizations like Rose Brooks Center that are local to Kansas City and help rehome over 800 women and children each year. As of lately they also rehome pets from those homes as well. Having someone like Joy represent empowerment and radiate confidence for this calendar was such a great experience. Read her thoughts below on why she did the shoot and what she has gone through to get to this point in her life! xoxo- GAT

Ready for business
Ready for business



I am so honored to have been a part of this amazing project. I have gotten to meet and work with women who have been empowered by their past instead of letting it weaken them. I found myself victim to it at the tender age of 17 when I was raped and impregnated and essentially held hostage in an abusive relationship. I was told that I was nothing and would never be anything because I was “used goods.”

I became addicted to his love simply because I thought it was all I could have and all I deserved.I had to raise my daughter alone because I eventually learned to love myself and everything about me that made me special and I tore myself away from that relationship and became my own person. Learning to accept and love myself was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Since then, I have met women of all shapes,sizes, ages and walks of life that have fallen victim to this horror of domestic violence. No one is immune to it.

Domestic violence is everywhere and it will only take an awareness of the goddesses within ourselves to stand up and fight back and find what makes us strong, beautiful, independent and free. We don’t need anyone to love us but ourselves and when we do that we learn to unconditionally love those who surround us and we can be a great support system for those who are struggling to find their own inner goddess.