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GBR. Go Big Red. Anyone familiar with the Big 12 has heard the chant, “Gooooo Biggggg Reddddd, Go Big Red!” This chant will spontaneously start anytime and anywhere in Lincoln on game day. There are even a few “Nebraska” bars here in KC and the chant lives on here.
So how did this Kansas girl become a diehard Nebraska fan? I was born into it – literally. When my mother was in labor with me on January 1, 1985, my dad was watching Nebraska overcome a 10 point deficit to beat LSU 28-10 in the Sugar Bowl. (I would like to see a tape of this game someday.) Nebraska football means a lot to me as my dad passed away when I was 1 month old. He lives on for me through my passion for GBR.

I do have other loves: Nebraska basketball, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Indianapolis Colts. Blame ex-boyfriends for the latter 2 and Tim Miles for the first. I was strictly a college football girl until I was introduced to Chris Carpenter pitching and Peyton Manning throwing. Tim Miles and a new arena in Lincoln have turned the Nebraska basketball program around – I could not be more proud of them making it to the NCAA tournament last season for the first time since 1998.

I am that girl – the only female in 2 fantasy football leagues, the girl who raises an eyebrow at people who plan weddings on Saturdays in the Fall, the girl who cried when Nebraska lost the Big 12 Championship game in 2009 AND 2010, the girl who threw a phonebook at a guy’s head after belittling my love of Nebraska, the girl who played the Rock’s WWF entrance song on repeat during Nebraska games in high school because I was superstitious and thought it would help them win, the girl who decided not to date at least 2 guys because they were “not into sports” (seriously, gross).

I’m no stats guru – not by far. But I know and follow the games and stay loyal to my teams. So give me my Thursday night NFL and college games. Give me some Friday night lights. Let me have Saturday morning College Game Days until Sportscenter tells me it’s over. Remind me to set my alarm for Sunday’s starters and give me Scott Hanson all day. Give me a reason to look forward to Monday.

And, as always, GBR.


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