Well well well, look who is in the playoffs in both leagues!


GAT 024
Daydreamin’ bout Skittles…

Right, that would be me. If the “GAT” logo didn’t give it away then my amazing team names probably helped. TASTE THE RAINBOW, named after my star, Marshawn Lynch, has destroyed everyone with my SEVEN WEEK WINNING STREAK! SUCK ITTTTTTTT!!! That, and I am tinkering non-stop and am frantically searching for the next hot player. Like, playing wise… not physical attractiveness wise. Although, my type is like Anthony Sherman only 6’5. You know, if you happen to stumble across someone fitting that description.

Anyways, the Ladies League has a dominating first placer so I have no idea if I can take on a team that destroys week after week quite like hers. However, I am winning my division, which is a lot like winning the SEC East at this point. YOSo here I am, at the beginning of the end. I will be in the playoffs and I will be nervous. Luckily it is also finals week for me for the next two weeks so I can also freak out about passing all my classes. This post really and truly is doing nothing for you or your fantasy team except bragging about my own. Because I’m the HBIC and I can do that sort of thing.

Best of luck to my opponents*, you’re gonna need it!**







**like you need oxygen, bitches!