GAT’S Fireside Fantasy Football Feature

I don’t even want to talk about what happened to my teams last week.

Calvin Johnson, Victor Cruz, Martellus Bennett, CJ Spiller…. What the hell?!?!

I lost to my father this week, which he doesn’t even touch his lineup on a weekly basis. I’ll casually tell him he has a player on a bye week and he’ll pick up someone to fill them in. I told him he should pick up Dwayne Allen, and he ended up beating me with him. Neat.

A few rundowns for this week:


Hi hello.

Gronk seems to be fully recovered and back in action which was evident by his stellar performance on Sunday night. Seemed like the Patriots were really over their loss in Kansas City and were moving onto Cincinnati.

We are moving onto Cincinnati.

Thanks to Golden Tate stepping up, my team got some points, San Diego defense was an okay pick, Kansas City defense was not.


In our league, LeSean McCoy is proving my statement that he is not worth a #1 pick completely right. So far he has been outshined by his teammate, wide receiver Jeremy Maclin as well as his rankings rival, running back Jamaal Charles. Keep in mind Jamaarles was limited against Tennessee thanks to terrible play calling, barely saw the field at Denver, had a bye and missed a game and STILL put up more points than LeSean McCoy. So… yeah, I win. Sorry if you wasted your first pick on McCoy, I wasted mine on Calvin Johnson. I shouldn’t say “wasted” but oh my god I just need him to be better and score some MFing points.

that’s me after this week

DeMarco Murray owners, I am jealous. However, looks like Jerry is tinkerbelling himself and asking for Murray to not see as many targets in upcoming games. Either he has Dez Bryant on his fantasy team or he wants to save Murray for when they need him the most, like the elusive second half of the season that Cowboys fans usually don’t like to talk about. Cowboys have pulled out some solid victories this year, and just when I was ready to write off Dan Bailey for a missed kick, he came back and won the game. Hopefully he is used quite a bit versus Seattle this weekend.

Quarterback’s top three is a little weird. When I say weird I really mean WTF. Andrew Luck, sure, I get that. He’s a stud. Then comes Phillip Rivers. Phillip freakin’ Rivers. And third, Matty Ice. Following Matty Ice? Our favorite Jay Cutler. What alternate universe are we living in? Wide receivers seem to be pretty solid, Antonio Brown leading with THEE Jordy Nelson of Kansas State University following and not far behind Julio Jones falls into third. Jimmy Graham is not a surprise in first place with tight ends followed by my man Martellus Bennett with Julius Thomas in third.

I have no advice this week because I have mentally drained myself from tinkerbelling with my own team.

Who have you picked up lately that has helped your team to a W? Who do you regret picking with your higher picks in the draft? Share with me so I can stop feeling like the dumbest person alive.




  • Baldi

    Boner Moves of the Week.
    After getting taken the the woodshed two weeks in a row by Carolina’s “defense” (minus 7 points) I dropped them, and they scored 17. Had a chance to trade Bennett or Kelce for Arian Foster, extremely poor at the running back posish, my team is. I was greedy and wanted more than either was worth, and he scored 29 points on another team. Yayayayayay!!! And Sanu and Glennon outscored my starters Roddy White and Nickoli Foles. It appears I have no idea how to manage my squad..

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