Alright everyone, I am officially apologizing for my ridiculous bragging. I am now (AT BEST) going to finish third in both leagues. Nothing matters. The world is dark and bleak. Lucky for me, I am not alone. I asked for “fantasy football fails” on Twitter this week and this is one of the best!

Be sure to leave yours in the comments if you have a “FFF!”

Submitted by Cody Kirschner:

“I somehow earned the 2 seed in our FFL despite using a trio of non-elite fantasy QBs. It was a keeper league and all the above average QBs were kept.  Each week I rotated Newton, Kaepernick, and Sanchez depending on the matchup.
Earlier in the year, a guy in the league had 0 running backs due to injuries. He begged me to trade some of my RB depth. I did and received Odell Beckham (who had played 1 or 2 games at that time) and Baltimore’s defense for Lamar Miller. I fleeced him.
As luck would have it, I wound up playing this same guy in the semifinals this weekend. The week started off horribly enough on Thursday. I had Tre Mason and he was starting Arizona’s defense. Mason netted 2.3 points while Arizona had 35. Welp. However, Beckham and Baltimore’s defense decided to put my fantasy team on their back and combined to score 82 points. Huge. Got me back in the game, but I was still down 6 points after the noon games. During the 3:00 games I was in need of a big game from CJ Anderson and one of the Thomases from Denver. Luckily, Demaryius found the endzone, but Anderson got stuffed at the goal line twice as Denver settled for field goals. At the end of the 3:00 games, I was down 3.
Looking ahead to the SNF game, I was feeling pretty confident. I was starting Mark Sanchez and Maclin. My opponent had DeMarco Murray. It was going to be close, but I liked my chances.
That all changed after the opening kickoff. The Eagles had failed to catch it. Cowboys recover; Murray touchdown. Eagles go three and out. Sanchez and Maclin are both held scoreless after the first quarter. I thought my fortune had changed as Sanchez hit Maclin after burning Brandon Carr. “HE’S GOING TO SCORE!” I screamed at my opponent who was at my house watching.
Tackled. At the one yard line. After a 72 yard catch and run.
Him failing to get that one extra yard was a 14 point swing for my fantasy team.
I never got much closer. Murray scored another rushing TD. Sanchez didn’t throw a TD. Game over. Sanchez brought in 14.80 points and Maclin had 8.9. I lost by 5 points.
I will be trading for a QB next season.”