My First LAN Gaming Experience

Last Saturday I went to my first LAN party put on by KCGameOn. As many of you know, I am an avid League of Legends lover. When I found out that a bunch of the LeagueKC players were getting together to play LoL, I thought, “Why not join?”

I’ll be honest, I am a nerd, but I didn’t even know what LAN meant. For the record, it’s local-area network which just means a bunch of computers using the same internet in the same area.  In this case, Cerner’s internets fo’ free. Well, free-ish. It was $20, but you got pizza, snacks and pop, so basically free.


At a LAN, you bring your own computer/gaming necessities. It may come as a shock to you, but I have never in my life set up a computer, not even my own. So on Saturday morning, I woke up extra early so I could practice because Lord knows I was not going to be that noob that didn’t know where to plug their monitor in. And ok, maybe I just took a picture of the back of my tower to see where all of the things plugged in and then pulled them all out. Sorry for being resourceful.

Next came the packing. You do not understand how massive your computer is until you have to move it. Smart me thought the night before that it would all fit in a suitcase. Smart me did not measure how big everything actually is. None of it fit, not even the monitor. Plan B: put it all in a laundry basket and go full freshman in the dorms style. B worked, as everything fit, but it also weighed about a million pounds and I couldn’t even carry it to the car.

Plan C: pack all the necessary accessories (keyboard, mouse, headset, cords, makeup, change of clothes, deodorant, my dog Bryce) into a rolling suitcase and make someone carry the rest when I get there. Plan C was successful. The outfit helped.

The way Cerner’s parking lot is laid out, there is an upper tier overlooking the entrance to the building. Being the high class broad that I am, I obviously parked up there to look down upon the people walking in. There were all kinds of LAN attendees. You had the chic hipsters with their tight jeans and undercuts. There were the typical translucent basement dwellers that I was impressed were even out in the light of day. There were the dedicated gamers repping their team/game shirts. And of course, there were a ton of everyday gamers eager to share their passion with their friends.

As soon as I stepped in the doors I was shocked at how many people had shown up! There were over 400 KC gamers here and the feeling inside was electric. KCGameOn provided rooms for all sorts of gaming from League of Legends, to Call of Duty, Overwatch, Smash, mobile gaming, tabletop gaming and more. It was amazing.

I toted my stuff up to the third floor to set up with the provided power strip and Ethernet cord (how fancy). It took maybe 5 minutes to set up my computer. I then spent the next 15 minutes texting everyone I knew to tell them how proud they should be of me for being able to plug things in. Afterwards, I started scoping out the other gamer’s gear around me. Needless to say, mine was superior (at least in color and brand coordination).

Let the games begin!

There were many tournaments for everyone to participate in. I opted out as this was my first time, I just wanted to watch. Fortunately, most of LeagueKC’s competitive teams were in the same room as me, so I got to watch most of the League of Legends tournament first hand. Congrats, by the way, to LeagueKC’s 4 teams finishing 3rd, 4th, 7th, and for taking home the whole damn thing with 1st.

Overall, it was a complete blast. But, who wouldn’t have fun getting to hang and game with other gamers for 12+ hours? I’m excited to check out the next one in April. If you’re interested, find out more information on KCGameOn’s website here. You can also read up on the LeagueKC teams and happenings on their site here.

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  • Ryan

    Your dusty hp computer was superior? Ha that made me laugh

    • megan

      Only dusty before I unplugged and cleaned it all. I can understand how you wouldn’t know what a custom built computer looks like since you only buy stock.

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