Fire Everyone*: Kansas State

The proverbial dumpster fire that is Kansas State football has been burning with no signs of stopping or slowing down. The problems that resonate at Kansas State are easy to pinpoint and easy to fix by firing Tom Hayes. Yes, I am already calling for his dismissal as soon as possible. Not only has he used injuries as excuses for the defense’s piss poor performance, but he seems to forget his play calling is completely off as well. While we are on the subject of firing people and getting them to go elsewhere for a while, our entire coaching staff looks like the early afternoon movie crowd. Yes, I am old-shaming them. Yes, Bill Snyder seems to feed off the energy around him and when that energy is arguing about what fiber drink is better for regulation, it is time to get rid of what isn’t working.

The average age between Dana Dimel, Del Miller, Tom Hayes and Bill Snyder is 65. Not saying that is old, but how do you get new and fresh ideas with guys that can’t relate to players and also suck at calling plays? The world is changing, the only coach on staff that seems to be killin it with recruiting is Andre Coleman. Sean Snyder never left the precious nest of Kansas State to gain experience with another team, and if I were looking at him to replace his dad…I would be nervous.


Fire Tom Hayes
Fire Del Miller

Demote Dana Dimel to an RB coach.

Send Sean away to be a head coach at an FCS program.

Keep Bill Snyder on as the wizard of everything and get some fresh talent in there.

I would love Rob Ryan, but I know that is probably not going to happen.

Hire Mark Mangino in at OC.

Bring in Brent Venables as DC since Rob Ryan is a long shot and groom him for assistant HC.

JUST CHANGE SOMETHING! Snyder deserves to stick around and coach this team that will be straight FIRE for 2016, if we get the right coaching staff. The average age of the top dogs being so old and the inability for them to truly relate to the players is starting to show. The obscure play calling and the ridiculous way they ignore weaknesses and plod forward with the same plays that don’t work means it is time to shake it up in Manhappiness.

Fire mostly everyone, demote those that show signs of being able to do their job and get back on the right track. We aren’t going to a bowl game and we will be lucky to beat Iowa State and KU this year for our first Big 12 victory. Don’t waste another season with the wrong staff on the job, Snyder. We need you to finish on a high note that you deserve. Get your 200 wins and get your staff back on track.