Dear Sweet Baby Jesus, Please Let the Huskers Win Their Bowl Game. Amen.


Ah, 2016. A year of renewed hope and progress, of forgiveness and fresh starts. Let us all look back on this year in fondness………..NOT!

What a bullshit year this was. With so many distractions and a series of unfortunate events that started in January and has yet to end, I can totally understand if it’s hard to get hype for the Music City Bowl. But today I make my peace with 2016 and start praying for a 10-3 season finale for the Huskers.

Enter the Music Shitty Bowl! Er, Music CITY Bowl (apologies, Nashville). Hopefully many of you will be enjoying a day away from the office for the game. Kickoff is at 2:30 PM on ESPN. The people have spoken and though they give Nebraska the slight edge, it’s tough to bet the family farm on either team to be victorious. (Side note – ESPN’s FPI gives Tennessee a much larger edge at 66.4%).


I admit, it was a tough bowl pick for me. But all that Iowa loss disappointment is behind me now, I SWEAR. I am 100% pulling for Big Red. It’s not going to be easy though. Nebraska is missing several key players. Armstrong (will he play, will he not play, who knows). Westerkamp. Don’t even get me started on whatever the f*** happened with Gerry. Tennessee is missing a few players as well. At the end of the day, I agree with the people. This game is a toss up and whoever came to play the hardest is going to win.

That team better be wearing RED. GBR!!!!