The Curious Case of Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon’s open letter did not do much to sway the NFL powers that be to be easy on his latest punishment. The sentence came as an entire year ban from the NFL.

In fact, I don’t think the open letter did much to sway the general population that he deserves an apology. Thankfully one of our favorite people to follow, Jon, has an insight into the wide world of Cleveland sports. After asking him some questions, I gained insight into the minds of the fans that HAVE to be faithful if they put up with being a fan of Cleveland anything. We cut right to the question of whether or not the people of Cleveland truly believe that Josh Gordon will use this time to get his life together.

Our Cleveland insight, Jon, seemed worried that the time off will allow Gordon to slip back into his old ways or with the wrong crowd of people. Without access to the practice facilities and basically being shunned from the NFL, you have to wonder if it will be motivating for him to prove everyone wrong or just give up. While most have pointed out that Gordon is young and that could work to his advantage in training and bounce back time. I hope after two embarrassing moments of disobeying the rules that Josh Gordon has learned his lesson. What irritates me the most is that drinking alcohol was what caused this whole issue. He wasn’t breaking the law in any other place but the NFL contract he signed. Rules are rules, you sign something that dictates whether or not you play or get paid… you have to follow it. At this point I believe my annoyance with the alcohol drinking causing this one year ban is because the NFL has been completely full of shit lately and they have gone above and beyond to punish people.

The NFL does not have a say in how Josh Gordon gets help, but I believe Josh Gordon will be seeking the same sort of treatment facility and refocusing center that Manziel did if he truly cares about getting better. I don’t think Gordon has a substance abuse problem, I think he has a peer pressure and willpower problem. (That’s exactly what I told myself in college, anyways) If he were to be serious about rededicating his life to football and his future… MAYBE teams would take him more seriously? I feel like contracts saying he won’t touch substances or whatever shit the NFL comes up with are just setting him up to fail and if he does return to the NFL he needs to have a clean slate when he returns.

Open letters come off one of two ways to most people. The first way? Insightful, explanatory, full of great information and interesting viewpoints. The second way? Whiny and full of excuses. I can’t argue with those things and I had both reactions to the letter. I live a very no bullshit life about not making excuses for myself. I am not even close to as athletically talented as Josh Gordon but I know that if I wasn’t supposed to be drinking and I could be getting lots of money for doing so… I would stop freaking doing it. I am sober for free most of the time, so why not sober for lots of money? Gordon’s next move should be getting the hell away from the people that are bad influences and not taking his future into account. The best way to prove to someone that you are willing to work hard is to just work hard and show them through actions.

Thank you to our friend, Jon, once again for giving me some great insight on where the loyal and diehard Cleveland fans are coming from in their frustrations with their team. Josh Gordon has the chance to make his fans proud, prove critics wrong and mainly finally get properly paid for his talents. Time to refocus his life and come back stronger than ever might be just what the commissioner ordered.



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