Craigslist Part 2–World Series Edition


With Kansas City eating and breathing baseball the past month, it’s no surprise your World Series champions have fostered many opportunities for the people of Kansas City to strike up a romance.

Lucky for us, many of these moments have been posted on Craigslist’s “Missed Connections” page. Just like Part 1, I’ve picked out some of the best missed connections the metro has to offer.


We didn’t talk. You never saw me, but hey we were both wearing blue shirts. Even though you never talked to me or looked at me, you’re obviously psychic enough to email me,  I’ll buy you coffee. Maybe I’ll make it a medium, if you’re lucky. (Tbh, I was probably so trashed by the time I got to Crown Center, I have no clue what you look like. Just e-mail me if you have a uterus).


Not only am I dedicated enough to remember very specific details about you and how you were sitting, I’m 420 friendly, dudette! Doesn’t get much better than that. Come to my house tonight and chill with some mountain dew and pot. But only after 9, my mom won’t be asleep until then.


Oh, no. You see, this guy screwed up. He’s wanting someone to describe what he looked like? I bet he has short hair and was wearing a Royals shirt that day. Good thing he’s an honest guy–he’d never lie about how bad he wants in your pants after helping you up a wall and probably “accidentally” grabbing your ass in the process.


I couldn’t help but insert a humble brag about how big I think my dick is. (Probably average, at best). $10 bet that she wasn’t actually looking at his “prominate package.” 

lolong one

Since I’m not a total asshole, I left out his picture. It’s embarrassing enough to post on Craigslist. He doesn’t need to be on Sprots as well. His post raises a couple of points.

  1. Why is it unfortunate that she was born in October and you were born in January? That’s a good thing! It means if you have a secret twin out there you don’t know about, she isn’t it! ‘Grats, bro!
  2. KCPD and being a teacher are two completely different things. How would you not remember flirting with someone who works for the police department?
  3. “If you find this and remember that night and how we met, I’ll be an email away.” “I met you at the Power and Light district the night the Royals won the World Series.” Welp. Good try, good effort.
  4. Were vs was. Figure out the difference, dude. Especially if she’s a teacher.



Kansas City is a beautiful, beautiful place.


Hoz, Salvy, Moose, and Kacie McDonnell are all mentioned in this beautiful post.  While Hosmer can’t leave Kacie due to traffic concerns, he took the time the day after a World Series win to write a post to all the ladies of KC! He totally has a legit friend who may or may not be a psychopath to hook you up with. Get. On. It.

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