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Court's Curve

Have you ever really wanted to watch the MLB All Star Game? Yeah, no… I definitely haven’t. The only exception MAYBE occurred when Kansas City was chosen to host the All Star Game three years ago. I know I haven’t wanted to watch it simply because in the past the Royals were there for a participation ribbon, with few exceptions. Those exceptions were Mark Redman, Gil Meche and Aaron Crow are just a few I can name that were All Stars because they had to choose a player.

In the past the All Star voting was done by paper, inside baseball stadiums. This was bad for the Royals because the attendance at the K was nowhere near where it is today. Think of those dismal and pathetic seasons before where people still attended but it was more because of the cheap tickets than quality of baseball. So since attendance wasn’t high at the K that meant there were no Royals were voted in. Attendance was high at the Yankees, Cardinals and Red Sox stadiums, so of course those were the starters for years at All Star games. Looking back on it all, it probably didn’t help that the Royals weren’t any good.

A few years ago they changed the voting to online ballots, which helped the Royals. The past two years Salvador Perez, Alex Gordon and Greg Holland played in the All Star Game. The voting for this year has been incredible. Every week the MLB puts out who would be starting in certain positions, and so far we are royally In the lead.

If today was July 14th the Royals would have five starters. They would be Cain, Gordon, Perez, Moose and Escobar. Morales and Hosmer are in a close second to the people in first place and Infante is also catching up. Most people are voting for Infante because he gets a bonus if he starts and how awesome would it be if we had all of those Royals starting in the game. Does Infante deserve to start in the All Star Game? Well, looking at his recent playing time…not so much. We’ll get to that another article!

You can vote on and can vote 35 times. I think the MLB changed the website so you can only vote 35 times per email address, so make sure you use all of the email addresses you have. So many Royals fans were voting over and over so the MLB had to change it. This just proves who the best fans in baseball are, cough cough. You will also get and email sent to you with discount tickets to certain games. One helluva deal for simply voting for guys you already cheer for!

Make sure you get out there and vote the Royals into the All Star Game!!