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Editor’s Note: Late to “press,” this is Courtney’s new weekly feature. She will be writing about college hoops around the nation but focusing mainly on our favorite,THEEEEEEE Big 12! Enjoy!


As most of you know KU sits two games on top of the Big 12 half way through the season, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. West Virginia is the only main contender to win it outright. If this were to happen West Virginia would have to win out and KU would have to lose three games. Two of these games that West Virginia would have to win would be against KU. While this doesn’t seem likely you never know with how good West Virginias Defense is. Iowa State also has a chance to tie for the Big 12 title but again they would have to win out and KU would have to lose two games, which doesn’t look likely.

Two or three games into the season I thought K-State may have had a chance to compete this year. Whoops. It didn’t help that Marcus Foster was benched against Oklahoma State. Then on Wednesday an hour before the game Marcus Foster and Malek Harris were suspended for violation of team rules, not NCAA rules. Weber said “Our players have expectations and there are consequences when you don’t live up to those expectations. Hopefully they will learn from this experience and make the necessary progress to rejoin the team.” It wouldn’t surprise me if it came out soon that Foster has decided to transfer.

The Sooners are another team that people thought had a chance of competing for the title. While they are not fully out of the running it doesn’t look likely. Their star Buddy Hield (some may argue that he is the best player in the Big 12) will be in the NBA next year. I have a feeling that Lon will find someone to be a close replacement.

Baylor is also in the middle of the pack. They are also a really tough team that will be even better next year. This year they caught some unlucky breaks that will probably go their way next year. Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas Tech and TCU are out of the race. Texas is the most surprising out of all those teams. I wouldn’t be surprised if next year Tech was good again, thanks to their great coach.



Baylor at West Virginia- West Virginia

Texas Tech at Iowa State- Iowa State

KU at Oklahoma State- KU


Texas at Kansas State- Texas

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