Court’s Side

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As I said from the beginning of the season KU was going to win it all.


Eleven Straight, that’s impressive. The past week had some other fairly impressive basketball games in the Big 12. Iowa State came back from a 21-point deficit to beat Oklahoma 70-77 which gave KU a share of their 11th straight Big 12 title. Then on Tuesday KU came back from an 18 point deficit to beat West Virginia to claim the title just for themselves.

This weekend’s games don’t matter for the title, but matter for seeding in the tournament. I think the seeding will go as follows: #1 KU, #2 Iowa State, #3 Oklahoma, #4 Baylor, #5 West Virginia, #6 Kansas State, #7 Oklahoma State, #8 Texas, #9 TCU and #10 Texas Tech. So Oklahoma State, Texas, TCU and Texas Tech will play on Wednesday while the other teams have byes.

The winner of those two games, which I think will be Texas and Oklahoma State will play KU and Iowa State on Thursday. Oklahoma will probably play Kansas State and Baylor will play West Virginia. I think KU will beat Texas and Iowa State will beat Oklahoma State. Oklahoma will beat Kansas State and Baylor will beat West Virginia.

On Friday KU and Baylor and Iowa State and Oklahoma will face off. I have a feeling Baylor will go into this game ready to play and beat KU and out shoot them, especially if Perry Ellis isn’t playing. Oklahoma is seeking revenge and will beat Iowa State. This will put Baylor and Oklahoma in the finals. While I would love to see Oklahoma and Buddy Hield win the Big 12 title, I have a feeling Baylor will win the tournament. They are a very tough, physical team and will be the next Big 12 Champions.