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The big games played this week were really big when it comes in Big 12 standings. Iowa State losing to OU was the biggest game of the week as far as Kansas is concerned. OU, Iowa State, and West Virginia all have four losses. KU has two. The season is far from over, but with every game that is being played it looks more and more likely that KU is going to win it outright again this year.

Ku played Texas Tech on Tuesday night. Tech fought hard the first half, but KU came back the second half and won by 20+. Ku will have a battle on their hands on Saturday when they play a tough Baylor Bears team. They should win though since they are playing in LFK.

Oklahoma is hot right now, so hot. They beat a great Iowa State team on Monday night and head to the Hat on Saturday where they should win whether Foster plays or not.

Iowa State plays a good                West Virginia team on Saturday, but I could see Iowa State playing even better than they have been after losing that tough game on Monday.

Oklahoma State beat a very good Baylor team and faces a potential let down game when they play TCU on Saturday. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but you never know.

Texas will face a Texas Tech team that came off a hard loss. Texas may have just beat K-State and TCU, but that’s not saying much. I have a feeling Tech will come out strong like they did against KU on Tuesday and has a possibility to beat Texas on Saturday.

Kansas State has fallen hard and fast. So fast that I have heard they aren’t even making the NIT this year. That wouldn’t surprise me one bit. I really don’t see them beating OU this weekend and they will continue their streak and make it six straight loses. Hopefully they can end that next Wednesday against TCU, but who knows.



KU vs. Baylor: KU


Texas vs. Texas Tech- Texas

ISU vs. West Virginia- ISU

Oklahoma State vs. TCU- Oklahoma State